Matthew Townsend

Unrest Is Changing The Way Americans Spend Money

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The shocks of a virus, lockdowns and civil unrest have people changing the way they spend their money.

A Daredevil's Guide To A Very Wild Earnings Season

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The investment community is lost in a fog as market volatility has hit historic levels.

The Work-From-Home Era Is Creating Its Own Boom Market


As the U.S., and much of Europe, settles into weeks, if not months, of remote work, capitalism is adapting.

The Hidden Costs Of All These Canceled Business Trips

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The spread of the virus across the U.S. has already caused the scuttling of more than 50 major corporate events.

What Apocalypse? Retail Worker Pay Hits 15-Year High

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U.S. paychecks surged as Walmart, Target and blue states implemented minimum wage hikes.

High-Tech Men's Underwear At $70 Disrupts Sleepy $8 Billion Category


Tommy John is part of a growing drive by fledgling brands to get men to rethink underwear and pay more for it.