Rudy Ruitenberg

Bird Flu Hits Foie Gras Farmers As Lethal Strains Sweep Europe

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Bird flu occurs most winters, but this year is especially bad.

Europe’s Virus Woes Threaten To Shut Down Paris Restaurants

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Tests and ICU hospitalizations have jumped past a "maximum alert" level in Paris.

The French Just Aren’t Quaffing Champagne Like Before

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Sacré bleu! French consumers are turning to cheaper alternatives.

World's Winemakers Rebound To Bottle Biggest Vintage In 15 Years


The amount of wine produced rose by 17 percent, to the equivalent of about 39 billion bottles.

France's Top Vineyards Suffer Biggest Loss In Decades

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Bordeaux was hit by its worst April freeze in 16 years, leading to disastrous losses for the grape-growing region.