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Retailer Rout Erased $503 Billion, Stirs Worry Of More To Come

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The wild swings in consumer stocks this week erased $503 billion in market value, and they are far from over.

Fear Of Second Covid-19 Wave Sinks Travel And Leisure Stocks


Everything from airlines to car rental agencies to amusement parks have seen declines.

U.S. Airline Stocks Rally Ahead Of A Pickup In Summer Travel

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The enthusiasm for airline stocks is spurring massive inflows in the exchange-traded fund market.

Credit Suisse Warns That U.S. Store Closings May Worsen In 2020


Credit Suisse analysts expect U.S. retail store closures to remain at elevated levels - or rise - in 2020.

Impeaching Trump Is Like 'Bill Clinton 2.0,' Wall Street Says

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The inquiry may sideline potential moves on drug pricing, infrastructure and the USMCA, analysts said.

Firearms Stocks Rise As Mass Shootings Renew Gun-Control Demands


Investors are betting consumers may step up purchases to get ahead of potential regulatory changes.

Golf Breaks Its 14-Year Participation Drought


The number of people in the U.S. who played at least one round of golf increased slightly last year.

Here's How Investors Can Cash In On The World Cup

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Bar operators, retailers and jersey suppliers are among the event's beneficiaries.

Chain-Store Stocks Hammered On Day Of Year’s Best Retail Sales

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The looming specter of Amazon continues to haunt brick-and-mortar retailers.