Danielle Moran

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Harvard Attracts 'Insatiable Demand' For AAA Rated Bond Sale

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Investors piled into the bond sale despite the university's recent controversies.

Texas Tops States In 2023 Debt Sales With No Signs Of Slowing


Population growth in the state has driven the need for new infrastructure.

Texas Launches New Review Of Big Banks Over Energy Policies

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The banks are major underwriters in the $4 trillion state and local debt market.

Texas Has A Warning For Its Pensions: Sever Ties With BlackRock

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Texas is at the forefront of a national movement in GOP-led states to banish what's known as ESG investing.

Republicans Ramp Up Anti-ESG Campaign For 2023

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But pushback from pension officials and banking associations is growing.

Florida Escalates ESG War, Says BlackRock's Larry Fink 'Did It To Himself'

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Florida is planning broader steps to fight asset managers offering ESG investments.

UBS Dropped From $3.4 Billion Texas Muni Deal In Latest Blow

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The loss of the deal is a blow for the Zurich-based bank's U.S. municipal-bond business.

JPMorgan Eyes Return To Texas Munis After Escaping GOP's ESG Ire

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The state comptroller didn't include the bank among the 10 finance firms he deems boycott the oil and gas industry.

Texas's Wall Street Showdown Over Gun Laws Costs Taxpayers Hundreds Of Millions

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A study says the conflict is forcing the state's municipalities to take on extra debt costs.

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