Amanda L. Gordon

Thomas Lee Is Remembered By Milken, Kraft As Wall Street Trailblazer


The private equity pioneer, who took his own life last week, evokes memories of being generous with his time and money.

NYC Private School Tuition Tops $60,000 With Families Returning

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The median fee in New York City has surged almost 55% over the past decade, outpacing the national increase of 46.5%.

Why The Richest Americans Can't Give Money Away Fast Enough

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The world's wealthiest may have fortunes growing far faster than their ability to give effectively.

The Waiting List For $1,000 Haircuts Is Ballooning In Manhattan


Masks, gloves and a 1,000-person wait-list: A posh midtown hair salon prepares to reopen with its pre-Covid prices intact.

$10 Buys You A Chance To Pitch Ideas To Goldman Sachs CEO


Goldman CEO David Solomon is one of the more than 400 participants in the All-In Challenge raffle and auction

'Who Are These People?': The Identity Crisis Of The Ultra-Rich


There have never been more billionaires. So what does it mean to be one?

Mega-Rich At Palm Beach Soiree Dismiss Democrats' Tax Proposals


There was “literally zero” chatter about the Democrats’ tax proposals, one high-profile guest said.