Richard J. Flynn

How Celebrity Family Offices Empower Their Famous Clients

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High-performing celebrity family offices are best positioned to help celebrities optimize their financial and personal lives.

The Promise Of The Celebrity Family Office

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Celebrity family offices help protect and leverage celebrities' assets into something greater, all the while mitigating adverse situations.

Cultivating Ultra-Affluent Investors

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You need to know the difference between investment management and wealth management.

High-Functioning SFOs A Rare Breed

by Russ Alan Prince, Hannah Shaw Grove & Richard J. Flynn

By and large, the very wealthy establish single-family offices to ensure they receive the kind of services and personalized attention they want.

Maximizing Charitable Impact

by Russ Alan Prince, Hannah Shaw Grove & Richard J. Flynn

For many ultra-wealthy inheritors—individuals who have received or are heirs to at least $100 million in assets—philanthropy is both a personal interest and a defining characteristic.

What Is A ‘Multifamily Office’?

by Russ Alan Prince, Hannah Shaw Grove & Richard J. Flynn

In an attempt to shed light on the growing mystery of MFOs, we surveyed 89 self-identified multifamily offices.

The Multifamily Office Trend

by Hannah Shaw Grove, Rus Alan Prince and Richard J. Flynn

Building and cultivating a wealthy customer base is an important initiative for many types of professionals, especially those that specialize in addressing the unique needs of the affluent.

Defining The Single-Family Office

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While many single-family offices can be characterized as private investment firms that sometimes incorporate non-investment services, others can be more broadly defined.