Shuli Ren

Private Credit Has Had Its 15 Minutes Of Fame


Direct lending's boom years are behind us. Bankers and private equity titans are pleased.

Blackstone And BlackRock Master The Art Of Moneymaking


The public market's love for management fees is forcing these private asset managers to fundraise nonstop and venture into new fields.

How The ‘Madoffs Of Manhattan' Can Unravel Gautam Adani's Empire


The bitter battle between the Adani Group and Hindenburg Research is heating up.

Tiger Global's Day Of Reckoning May Never Come


The hedge fund is smart to pivot to venture capital investing.

Could Taiwan Be the Next Crisis That Delays Clients' Retirement?


With $700 billion at stake, U.S. investors have their eye on mounting tensions over the island.

Can SEC's Gary Gensler Offer More Than Tough Talk?


The new chairman has taken a not-so-gentle stance on risky assets. But does his agency have any real bite?

Why Most Retirements Come At A Disadvantage


Meme-stock and crypto crazes may be a symptom of inequalities among investors, writes Shuli Ren.

Inflation Is Actually A Lot Higher Than You Think


Inflation estimates do not reflect spending patterns changed by the pandemic, writes Shuli Ren.

China Is Getting Closer To Its Lehman Moment

by ,

Seizing the country’s fourth-largest insurer is an indicator of contagion hitting a system made more fragile by Covid-19.

Where Are The Adults In The White House?


Shifting trade disputes with China into financial markets may be a sign that the U.S. has gone "mad."