Naomi Kresge

WHO Chief Tedros Says End In Sight For Covid-19 Pandemic


The organization declared Covid a pandemic on March 11, 2020.

Most People Don't Need Covid Vaccine Booster, Scientists Say


An all-star panel of scientists concluded governments should focus on immunizing the unvaccinated.

Astra-Oxford Vaccine Found Effective In Preventing Covid

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The vaccine stopped an average of 70% of participants from falling ill.

U.S. And Europe First In Line To Get Pfizer Covid Vaccine


Purchase agreements with the U.S. call for 100 million doses, with an option to increase the number to 500 million.

German Success In Contact Tracing Guides New Jersey And New York


Workers soothe fears, then painstakingly retrace daily lives.

Coronavirus Kills 50,000 In U.S., Epicenter Of Global Outbreak


New York City has suffered the most, with more than 16,000 deaths.

Virus Takes Aim At $1.7 Trillion Industry As Tourists Stay Home

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From Macau to the Alps, hotels are emptying as the outbreak spreads.