Jackie Davalos

Silicon Valley Tries To Disentangle Itself From Russian Money

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It's not so easy for venture firms to de-link from Russian investors.

Space-Tech Start-Ups Raise Record Funding Amid Billionaire Hype


Billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Elon Musk have inspired tech start-ups to join the new space race.

Airbnb Bans Parties In Home Rentals Worldwide, Caps Occupancy At 16


Airbnb is responding to reports of rentals being used as party houses and mansions.

'Can't Even Give It Away': Gasoline At $1 Is Warning For Economy

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Nationwide, pump prices are headed for depths not seen since the Great Recession.

Oil Plunges Most Since 1991 After Producers Embark On Price War

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Saudi Arabia and Russia battle for market share at a time when crude demand has fallen.