Simon Hunt

Wealthiest Americans Get $195 Billion Richer In Biden's First 100 Days

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The most recent gains have been fueled by the continued rise of the stock market since Biden was sworn in Jan. 20.

Bitcoin Hoard Fuels One Of World's Biggest Crypto Fortunes


Cryptocurrencies are helping to mint new members of the billionaire class.

Warren Buffett Becomes Sixth Member Of $100 Billion Club

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Berkshire Hathaway, the source of virtually all of Buffett’s wealth, has had a fast start to 2021.

Richest 100 Americans Would Pay $78 Billion Under Warren Tax

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The proposal requires households with a net worth of over $50 million to pay a 2% annual tax on their wealth.

Billionaire Kakao Founder Vows To Donate Over Half Of Assets

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The founder of South Korea’s top mobile-messenger operator pledged to donate more than half his wealth.

Soros’s Money Managers In U.K. Poised For $38 Million Payday

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Soros Fund Management offers pay significantly higher than that of most executives at family offices.