Aisha S Gani

Citi Sees AI Displacing More Finance Jobs Than Any Other Sector


About 54% of jobs across banking could very likely be automated, Citi said.

Wall Street Gets Tough On Return-To-Office Laggards


Even technology giants that once promised long-term flexibility have become stricter with their policies.

Fintechs Still Pushing Crypto But Distancing Themselves From FTX


Fintechs continue to steer into the crypto wave despite the negative headlines.

Berkshire Hathaway's Charlie Munger Criticizes Crypto ‘Delusion'


The crypto "delusion" may be more dangerous than any fraud involved, said Munger.

Citigroup Plans To Hire 4,000 Tech Staff To Tap Into ‘Digital Explosion'

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Banks are upgrading decades-old technology platforms to make services available remotely for both clients and workers.