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It's Finally Time To Buy Japan


Japanese stocks have been cheap for a long time, but they're set to get less cheap from now on.

Stocks Aren't The Inflation Hedge You Think They Are


When inflation is above 8%, your best bet is to buy cheap and focus on dividends.

The Smart Way To Invest In Active Funds


While active funds as a whole underperform passive indexes, the most successful active prodcuts share a few key traits.

Why Aren't We All Rich Yet?


After all, 300 years of investing advice has basically given the same guidance.

The Future Looks Messy For Passive Investors


The winners of tomorrow are not the winners of yesterday. So why hold a fund that mostly tracks the latter?

Gold Is Getting Its Glitter Back


In today's markets, there aren't many other things you can turn to as a long-term safe haven.

When ESG Investing Looks An Awful Lot Like Gambling


If regulators are really worried about an epidemic of gambling in the stock market, they need to look in the right place.

Britain Is Too Cheap For Retail Investors To Ignore


U.K. equities are far cheaper than can be reasonably explained. That's fantastic news for investors.

Forget What You've Learned About Investing In The Last 20 Years


Stock market volatility is telling us the story of huge structural change that takes us back to an old normal.

Saxo's 'Outrageous' Prediction? Gold Will Top $3,000 In 2023

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These are among Saxo Bank's self-described “outrageous” predictions for the year ahead.