Cathy Chan

Credit Suisse Weighs Cutting Thousands Of Jobs In Turnaround Bid

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The struggling European lender wants to slash its cost base by an additional $1 billion.

JPMorgan's ‘Uninvestable' Call On China Was Published In Error

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It's just the latest statement regarding China that the bank has had to backtrack from.

Dimon Regrets Quip JPMorgan To Outlast China Communist Party

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The U.S. bank has a lot of revenue riding on maintaining cordial relations with China.

UBS Dangles $40,000 Bonuses To Slow Junior Banker Defections


UBS's one-time bonuses are double the amount offered by Credit Suisse and Wells Fargo.

UBS Issues Blanket Global Travel Ban To Employees Due To Virus

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The move by UBS follows similar bans on global travel by peers JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Citigroup.

Wall Street Finds China's Door Still Open After Trade Spat


Global investment banks have long been sidelined in one of the world’s fastest-growing financial markets.

Buying Korea

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Michael Kim’s private equity firm has led a surge in corporate buyouts as foreign firms return to South Korea.