Values Persist In Mid-Cap Stocks

by Alan Lavine

While the market favors the big boys, smaller stocks keep chugging along.

Ground Floor Heats Up

by Marla Brill

Private equity and IPOs are staging a huge comeback. But should advisors jump in?

Challenging EAFE

by Eric Uhlfelder

Managers who closely track market-cap-weighted country indexes may miss opportunities.

Catching Wind With Short Sails


Are new strategies from long-short managers more sophisticated, or just riskier?

Fund masters Come Of Ages

by Tracey Longo

Fund-picking strategies plus concern for clients and staff help Brouwer & Janachowski shine.

Tax-Friendly Turnaround

by Marla Brill

Putnam Investors takes full advantage of a change in strategy.

Do These ETFs Make Sense?

by Matt Hougan

Reading the fine print is a good start; you'd better read between the lines, too.

Clouds Gather Over Junk Bonds

by Marla Brill

Concern about the economy adds a note of caution to a hot category.

Talking Turkey

by Marla Brill

Fund manager Markus Brück says European emerging markets still have room to grow.

Foraging For Funds Abroad

by Eric Uhlfelder

Here's what to consider when selecting international funds.

Hedging Real Estate

by Gail Liberman

The derivatives are here; are they the answer?

Deflation Or Inflation?


Leading bond managers debate what's ahead.

When Did REITs Become An Asset Class?

by Joshua M. Kaplan

Behold the little industry group that roared-at least for a while.

Discrimination, Or Keeping It Simple?

by Thomas M. Kostigen

Schwab boots funds that have cheaper share classes elsewhere.

Sub-Advisors Are In The House

by Alan Lavine

The debate over using in-house or outside fund managers focuses on cost and effectiveness.

Making Lemonade From Lemons

by Matt Hougan

Swapping ETFs to harvest losses can make a lot of sense.

Alive And Kicking

by Tracey Longo

Four small-cap managers talk about opportunities and challenges ahead.

Gaining Ground

Tenant-in-common deals exceed private REITs.

Have Your REITs Peaked Yet?

by Bruce W. Fraser

Wave of privatizations suggests market still has legs.

Asset Allocation And Investor Goals

by Eileen Cohen and William H. Overgard

What we've learned about portfolio construction from the first decade of hedge funds.