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December 2021   


Six Steps For Implementing A Fee-based Or Fee-only Compensation Model

If your current broker-dealer/RIA restricts your ability to offer holistic advice then now is the time to consider evolving your business model. Discover the fundamentals of building a successful fee-based structure, including:

  • The benefits of a fee model
  • Six transition steps to consider
  • How Cambridge simplifies your transition to fee-based or fee-only models

November 2021


Selecting the Right Technology to Scale Your Firm Sustainably

As advisory firms scale, so does their complexity. Tech stacks that may have worked in the early stages of firm growth may not be able to support teams operating at scale. That's why now more than ever, it is important for firms to accurately define their needs and requirements when selecting new technology to support their goals and vision.

In this eBook, we’ll cover some of the complex technology demands to consider and the right approach to take to build a scalable tech stack and a solid technology foundation.


September 2021


LGBTQ+ And Planning For LTC

There are likely around three million LGBTQ adults over age 50 living in the United States today.1 That number is expected to grow to around seven million by 2030.  Unfortunately, as this group of LGBTQ individuals continue to age, they will face challenges in planning for their long-term care (“LTC”) that result from a lifetime of discrimination.


August 2021   


Aging Clients And Your Role

Client relationships evolve over time, shifting from investment guidance to retirement income planning to estate planning. This last phase can be emotionally delicate but is perhaps the most important service you can provide for a client and their family. This case study is the story of a financial professional named Beth and her excellent use of empathy to prepare her clients Susan and Bill for this final phase of living well.


July 2021


The “Ideal” 401(K) Plan Design – Concepts To Increase Retirement Readiness For Participants And Decrease Fiduciary Liability

While there is no single "Ideal" 401(k) plan design that is right for every plan sponsor, this paper explores two overarching plan design themes that can be incorporated into every 401(k) plan in some way that make a particular plan sponsor's 401(k) plan "Ideal" for it and its employees. Those plan design themes are: (i) retirement readiness for employees/plan participants; and (ii) protection for the plan sponsor and plan fiduciaries from claims associated with the plan's investments. This paper will focus on plan design elements that, if properly utilized, should increase participants' financial preparedness for retirement and decrease the potential for liability on the part of the plan sponsor and plan fiduciaries with respect to the plan's investments.


Build a more resilient portfolio with infrastructure investing

In this guide, seasoned fund managers share insight on how investors can seek to capitalize on what many believe will be a super-cycle of infrastructure spending that will both maintain and modernize existing assets and develop new critical areas of focus, such as decarbonization and digital transformation. Get perspective on how both income-oriented and equity-based opportunities within the infrastructure asset class can support resilient and diversified portfolios. Download this Guide to tap into deep insight from infrastructure investment experts at CBRE Clarion Securities and MacKay Municipal Managers.



All investments are subject to market risk, including possible loss of principal.


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June 2021


How To Incorporate Health Care Costs Into Retirement Planning

Albeit not the normal part of your typical retirement and financial planning conversations, planning for the costs of health care as clients enter and live in retirement could be one of the most important things you can do as a financial professional.

Bridging The Digital Divide In Wealth Management

To measure the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the wealth management industry, FactSet in association with Aon conducted its fourth consecutive global survey of 800 high net worth (HNW) investors to better understand the triggers and drivers that are shaping our “new normal” today and in the future. With no end in immediate sight to market uncertainty, wealth managers and advisors will have to reflect and re-frame their role and purpose relative to what their HNW clients need now.


In Hedged Equity, The Capture Ratio Is The Key To Effective Diligence

The Hedged Equity investment space makes a very promising offer: the balance of Growth and Downside Protection in the same portfolio. It is a compelling promise. But it is not a coincidence that the strategies in this space that are growing fastest are the ones with the highest Capture Ratio. And the strategies with the lowest Capture Ratios are losing investor interest. Learn the best practice techniques for evaluating and selecting the best Hedged Equity strategies.

May 2021


Liquidity: Historic Gains Lead to Marginal Drains

Matt Lloyd looks at the myriad of liquidity measures and what the draining from gains does to asset prices and fiscal and monetary responses.

Societal Shifts in Investing and What it Means to Real Estate

Buchanan Street Partners’ Co-Founder and Chairman, Robert Brunswick offers commentary on current societal shifts affecting the investment community at large and what they mean to real estate.  Topics covered include capital flows, ESG and corporate social responsibility, demographic shifts and technology’s influence on the real estate space.


3 Key Considerations for a Successful Breakaway

For advisors seeking the benefits of independent practice, a smooth and efficient transition is key to ensuring their client base stays intact. And nothing is more critical to client retention during that stage than the tech stack.


But as the advisor fintech space has become so expansive many advisors transitioning from wirehouses don’t have the technological expertise to evaluate and determine what tech stack is best for their business and meets their unique needs.


This eBook provides insight into 3 key considerations advisors should weigh when building their tech stack, to assist advisors through the journey to independence.


Shifting To A Zero-Emission Economy

Globally, countries are evaluating the implementation of climate change policies that could lead to a zero-emission economy in the near future. Learn more about the renewable technologies behind this shift, and more from Diamond Hill Capital Management.

Building Your Breakaway Brand: The Ultimate Marketing Guide for Newly Independent RIAs

For newly independent RIAs, establishing brand presence is critical to the beginning of the breakaway journey. You need to define your value proposition, identify your target audience, and determine how to reach them.


But it can be difficult to find time to dedicate to your marketing plan—and even tougher to figure out where to start.


In this interactive ebook, you’ll walk through every step of building a successful marketing plan, including:


● Setting reasonable goals
● Determining KPIs for measuring success
● Establishing your new firm’s value proposition


And more! Start your business off with a powerful marketing plan. Download the ebook today.


Digital Marketing Tools for Winning High Net Worth Business

Most financial advisors possess all the skills necessary to serve high net worth investors. But for this uniquely complex target audience, adding them to your book of business might come down to simply attracting and engaging them in the first place.


In this whitepaper, we look at the important process of determining what HNW investors expect from a financial advisor, examine the differences in strategies for serving HNW and mass affluent clients, and explore:


● Why digital adoption is so critical for advisors seeking HNW business
● The five key principles for effective communication with HNW prospects
● How you can use technology to attract, engage, and retain this targe audience


And more. Download the ebook now to master the tools for attracting HNW clients!


April 2021


The Idea Multiplier: An Acceleration Of Innovation Is Coming

This groundbreaking research from Vanguard predicts unprecedented global idea sharing that may drive growth and could profoundly influence how you help your clients plan for the future.

Early Distributions From Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans

Common questions and answers from employee and employer perspectives on early distributions from NQDC plans

A Planner's Guide to Consolidated Advisory Fees

Investment management is commoditized and consumers have higher expectations of financial advisors than ever before—so how do you make your value known from the first time you meet with a new prospective client?

In this white paper, we’ll show you how to make your first meeting all about planning—and immediately prove your worth as a result. You’ll also learn what you need to know about the industry trends that have shaped planning into such a critical service.

Build A Foundation for Success—Even in the Face of Uncertainty. Download A Planner's Guide to Consolidated Advisory Fees today.

March 2021


Understand The Social Security Widow Benefit

It’s important to determine when to claim widow benefits, and when to switch to the survivor’s own benefit.

February 2021


The Impact of Behavioral Finance on the Psychology of Investing

Behavioral factors can significantly impact a client’s financial wellness. This executive brief focuses on four – Future Concept, Impulsiveness, Materialism and Financial Literacy – to provide insights into identifying and addressing each factor during financial coaching, which financial professionals can use to create the optimal plan for each client.

Tax-Efficient Withdrawal Can Lead to Significant Savings

An understanding of tax efficiency in retirement can help you bring a new perspective to clients about retirement income planning.


How to Thrive Under Difficult Conditions and Uncertainty

Regardless of pandemics, elections, or natural disasters, advisory firms need to consistently deliver value to their clients even during difficult times. By making plans today and creating a proper strategy to navigate tough economic conditions, firms can continue to thrive in the face of any challenges that may come their way.

In this eBook, we’ll cover some tips to help firms build a foundation for success—even in the face of uncertainty.


The Next Normal: Embracing Innovation for Financial Advisors

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has upended and drastically changed our lives forever. Orders to stay home and stay safe have expedited the transformation of digitally enabled relationships and technological advances at an unprecedented pace. This pandemic also has created a nearly immediate acceptance of a virtual working environment – one that will stay with us in some form long after the pandemic passes.

This is true for financial advisors, as well.

Crypto 101 for Financial Advisors

Crypto is an incredibly diverse and exciting investment opportunity at the forefront of financial technology advancement. As cryptocurrency continues to become more popular and accessible, clients may become more interested in how to include crypto in their financial portfolio. BlockFi is here to help you understand the basics of cryptocurrency and how it can positively impact the reach and growth of your clients’ portfolios.


Whether your client wants to earn interest, diversify their portfolio, get a loan quickly, or bolster their retirement funds, crypto can be their answer. In this eBook, learn how you can help your clients do more with crypto.


January 2021   


Protection And Growth Potential

Do clients ever feel like they have to choose between protecting their financial futures and the opportunity to grow assets and build wealth? With Transamerica Principal OptimizerSM, our new optional rider available with a Transamerica variable annuity, your clients could have both.

Download the brochure to show your clients how Transamerica Principal OptimizerSM may help them achieve their financial goals.

The Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2021

Like the original SECURE Act, the 2.0 version advocates for providing American workers and savers with a strong financial future.


December 2020   


Steps to customizing a long-term care plan

There are numerous options for long-term care, but it helps to understand how LTC benefits can be paid.


How to Select the Right Broker-Dealer Partner

Many financial advisors are frustrated with their broker-dealer for a number of reasons, profit squeezing, rising costs, lack of continuity and stability to name a few, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Download your free whitepaper and learn seven important characteristics to consider when choosing a broker-dealer partner. The paper covers the following:

  • The challenges advisors face selecting a broker-dealer partner
  • The seven characteristics of the ‘ideal’ broker-dealer
  • Case studies and more

Every client is unique — shouldn’t their retirement strategy follow suit?

IRA rollovers are very popular. However, that doesn’t make them appropriate for every client or every scenario. Transamerica’s Guide to IRA Rollovers — with its convenient checklist — can help your clients decide if an IRA rollover is right for them. We’re here to help you help your clients make informed decisions.

In focus: U.S. inflationary forces

Recessions are rarely associated with inflation, but that’s the environment that we find ourselves in. Much of the disconnect can be traced back to the nature of the current recession, where demand recovered more quickly than supply as lockdown measures were lifted. Meanwhile, policy measures introduced to limit the economic damage impact of the pandemic has likely ushered in an era where fiscal policy will exert more influence over price levels than monetary policy. These developments suggest investors might need to think about inflation differently as existing frameworks may no longer be relevant—new lenses may be required.

November 2020   


Help your clients add wisdom to their years with sound financial information.

Getting older presents challenges and opportunities. With Transamerica’s convenient guide — The Milestones of Retirement — you can help your clients make informed decisions every step of the way and maximize every opportunity. Transamerica is committed to helping clients make clear, rational financial decisions. The key is helping clients by teaching them to think and behave differently about investing.

The Truth About Cybersecurity

Regulators are handing out significant fines for advisors and firms who aren’t taking appropriate precautions to secure data. While most advisors take security threats seriously, many do not understand the complexity of the problem, or what resources are available to address it.  Topics covered:

  • The changing cybersecurity environment
  • What you should know about cybersecurity
  • What can you do to reduce the risk of cyberattacks
  • The evolution of cybersecurity

Bridging the Diversity Divide With a Plan

Improving investor outcomes by encouraging gender diversity in the investment management profession has been a key pillar for CFA Society Atlanta over the past several years.

How Responsible Investing can help grow your business.

With clients’ interest in the category growing, Responsible Investing is an opportunity for advisors to differentiate their business, attract new clients, strengthen ties with existing ones and connect with the next generation of investors. Boost business and retention by connecting with new prospects and legacy clients on issues they care about.

Greenwashing: is Responsible Investing walking the walk?

The dramatic increase in Responsible Investing options. Understanding and identifying greenwashing. Strategies for avoiding a “greenwashed” portfolio.


Guide to Online Advertising

For financial professionals looking to reach new leads and grow their business, online advertising is among the best channels to achieve those goals.

In this ebook, FMG Suite presents a comprehensive step-by-step guide through paid advertising; from brainstorming, to setting up the ads, to evaluating the success and improving ads for the next round. This guide makes it easy for anyone to start promoting a financial services firm and increase its online presence.

Whether there's an interest in Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, or paid search, this ebook has financial advisors covered to start advertising with confidence.


October 2020


Open Architecture – Custodial Choice Means Lower Cost for Your Clients

The key to scalability, profitability and practice efficiency is open architecture with no propriety platforms, no mark-ups and no revenue-sharing!

See why Aite named Tamarac as the only ‘Best-in-Class’ provider for RIA Trading and Reporting solutions.

Portfolio management and reporting platform, Tamarac, ranks the unequivocal leader in client retention and feedback in this excerpt from the latest Aite Group Matrix Report. Download now and receive a personal demo.


September 2020  


Understanding the Responsible Investing landscape.

Responsible Investment strategies. Research & data approaches. Corporate engagement philosophies.


Secure the Future of Your Practice

Is your practice ready for tomorrow?  Crafting a formal, written succession plan is essential to preserving the value of your practice. If you are like most advisors, you do a great job planning for your clients, but you haven't given much thought to what will happen to your practice when you retire or die.  Statistics show that 93% of Advisors do not have a legally binding contract in place for their succession!  Get the process started today! Download your complimentary white paper and learn the keys to creating an efficient succession plan in just 4 steps.

A Behavioral Guide to Market Volatility:
How Behavioral Science Can Help Advisors During Market Turmoil


How can advisors ensure clients’ emotions don’t get in the way of their better judgement when making financial decisions during market turmoil? Morningstar’s behavioral insights team created a guide to help advisors work around investing biases during times of volatility.

Develop A Stronger Value Proposition with a Financial Planning Strategy

As a financial advisor, you understand the value of financial planning. But do your clients?

Effective marketing is the key to a successful financial planning offering. In this whitepaper, we’ll explore guidelines and best practices for implementing a powerful marketing strategy around your financial planning service.


August 2020  

Corporate IAR vs Independent RIA – Which Model is Right for You?

As clients demand unbiased advice and freedom of choice from their financial professionals, both the Corporate IAR and Independent RIA models have been very successful. Learn the pros and cons of each and which one is truly best for your business.

The Power of Disruption…and Sound Fundamentals

Understanding technological shifts and changes in consumer behavior is important when evaluating businesses, but we believe staying grounded in fundamental analysis is essential.

July 2020  


The COVID-19 Recession: Becoming More Relevant to Customers

Companies double down on inventiveness, adaptability and resilience

How to Select the Right Broker-Dealer Partner

Frustrated with your Broker-Dealer?  Choosing a Broker-Dealer is a big decision and isn’t one you have to make alone!  Download this helpful report and learn:

  • What will you gain by changing your Broker-Dealer
  • How to evaluate a potential Broker-Dealer
  • Learn seven important characteristics to consider when selecting a broker-dealer Partner

June 2020   


Choosing technology
Full integration is key to advisor success

If chosen wisely, technology helps boost efficiency, but if not manual processes are common. Explore how E*TRADE Advisor Services can help you choose wisely.

May 2020   

The right strategies to achieve synergies

Preparing for an acquisition
In this volatile financial market, it might be the right time to acquire another firm. However, before you begin searches, conference calls, due diligence, negotiations, spreadsheets, and contracts, there are some important factors to keep in mind as you prepare for this exciting and challenging journey. While the art and drama of making the acquisition will become fodder for cocktail war stories when the deal is done, the real work will begin with the integration of the now single business. Integration is the most critical part of an acquisition strategy, yet it is often short changed because so much energy is expended on the acquisition itself. This whitepaper will walk you through the areas to consider as you begin preparing and planning for an acquisition during this unsettled time period.


The Truth About Cybersecurity

Learn how to properly secure client data so it meets industry standards and keeps clients – and your reputation – safe!

April 2020   


Open Architecture – Custodial Choice Means Lower Cost for Your Clients

The key to scalability, profitability and practice efficiency is open architecture with no propriety platforms, no mark-ups and no revenue-sharing!

March 2020   


Secure the Future of Your Practice

Are your client’s asking what happens to me if something happens to you? A strategy for efficient succession planning broken down into 4 manageable steps!

A Matter of Interpretation:
Exploring the SEC’s New Rules for Investment Advisors


This paper discusses the SECs new milestone rules and what they mean for investment advisors.


Direct Indexing
An Essential Part of Your Model Portfolio for the Mass Affluent


Learn how you can become part of the growing trend of customized, tax-optimized portfolios for the next generation of investors.