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Russ Prince

Russ Alan Prince
is one of the leading
authorities within the private wealth industry. He regularly consults to the rich and Super-Rich concerning the mindset and behaviors that translate into extreme
personal wealth creation.

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Hannah Grove

Hannah Shaw Grove is an
expert on the demographics, psychographics and financial behavior of high-net-worth individuals and their advisors.


2013 Speakers

Hannah Shaw Grove Hannah Shaw Grove
Hannah Shaw Grove is the author of Inside the Family Office: Managing the Fortunes of the Exceptionally Wealthy and The Family Office: Advising the Financial Elite. She consults to families with significant wealth and their closet advisors.

  Jeff Berry II
Jeff Berry II, is an experienced Financial Advisor and a recognized expert in ETF driven Portfolio Strategies and Option Spread Trading. His extensive work in the field of market volatility has provided Empowered Investor, Inc. with invaluable insight into the development of it’s Engineered Portfolio Strategies.

Dan Carlin Dr. Daniel Carlin
Daniel Carlin M.D. established WorldClinic in 1998. Drawing on years of experience as a medical officer in the US Navy and later as an expatriate volunteer, he designed WorldClinic to meet the needs of people whose work and lifestyle frequently took them out of contact with modern medical care. Since then, he has become a recognized leader in using the Internet and telecommunications to deliver quality medicine.

Candyce Cohen Candyce Cohen
With 25 years ranging from practitioner to provider in wealth management technology, Ms. Cohen blends in-depth wealth expertise with a consultative business focus to resolve problems and implement "best fit" solutions supporting the expanding needs of financial advisors and wealth managers.

Joe Hart Joseph M. Hart
Joseph M. Hart is Realty Capital Securities’ Executive Vice President of Institutional Sales. Mr. Hart has worked with some of the brightest names in the asset management business representing open end mutual funds, closed end mutual funds, offshore investments, separately managed accounts, variable and fixed annuities among other investment solutions.

James Upham James Upham
James Upham is Chief Investment Strategist and lead Financial Advisor for Empowered Investor, Inc. He is co-founder and owner of Empowered Investor, Inc. and also serves as an adjunct Business Finance professor at Cape Fear College in Wilmington, NC.