Designed by
Russ Prince

Russ Alan Prince
is one of the leading
authorities within the private wealth industry. He regularly consults to the rich and Super-Rich concerning the mindset and behaviors that translate into extreme
personal wealth creation.

Directed by
Hannah Grove

Hannah Shaw Grove is an
expert on the demographics, psychographics and financial behavior of high-net-worth individuals and their advisors.



There are more than 751,000 families worth a minimum of $20 million commanding more than $97 trillion. For many professionals – investment advisors, attorneys, life insurance agents, accountants, bankers – these are exceptional and highly desired clients. One of the most powerful and profitable business models available to professionals is elite wealth management.

Elite wealth management is taking what is often talked about as wealth management and taking the concepts and processes to a significantly higher level. Moreover, it’s about strongly operationalizing the approach resulting in significant revenues and profits.

Designed by the experts on the private wealth and advisory markets at Prince & Associates Inc. and HSGrove, this conference is intended to provide participants with insights and perspectives that can be used immediately. Discussion, guided analysis and case examples will make the session highly interactive and stimulating. The goal of the conference is to enable participants to be able to develop an elite wealth management platform and address the needs of the ultra-affluent quickly and profitably.