Understanding The Role Crypto Currency Plays In Global Financial Markets


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Bob Burnett, Editor, FA Bitcoin Advisor


Bob Burnett is the founder and CEO of Barefoot Mining, a company focused on the development of “horse-class” mining sites, and he is a vocal proponent for the expansion of diversity in Bitcoin mining site geography, scale, and energy sources. He has spent over 35 years as a technologist including 13 years at Gateway, Inc., a Fortune 200 personal computer company, where he led the company’s product development efforts as Chief Technical Officer.


Bob also founded and manages the Barefoot Bitcoin Fund, serves on the board of directors for Ocean, a company focused on transparency and decentralization of Bitcoin mining pools, and is on the board of advisors for the Satoshi Action Fund. He has founded several companies in the Bitcoin mining space and is an evangelist and educator for Bitcoin and its importance to the world’s future. He has 8 U.S. patents and a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.


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