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Mutual Fund
Match ups and
Fund Information
Fund Selection

Works just like the National Collegiate Basketball Tournament

Advisors Select Mutual Funds instead of Collegiate Basketball Teams

Advisors can enter & compete in two separate asset class Brackets

Equity Bracket Link
Fixed Income Bracket Link

Here's How It Works

• Official Pre-Tournament Promotions began at the 2012 Fiduciary Gatekeeper Summit.

• Brackets are seeded on January 7, 2013, based on 2012 annual performance (relative to peers entered in respective brackets).

• Advisors may register Free and begin
filling out Brackets on January 22, 2013.

• Brackets close on February 22, 2013.
• Actual Mutual Fund Tournament runs six weeks, with performance evaluated at the close of each week as follows;

Feb 25-March 1 – Round of 64
March 4-March 8 – Round of 32
March 11-March 15 – Sweet 16
March 18-March 22 – Elite 8
March 25-March 29 – Final 4
April 1-April 5 – The “Final Funds”
Mutual Funds Championship Week

(Winners declared in both Categories)

Advisors can register one entry per bracket FREE!

MFM Prizes

For more information contact David Smith, Founding Publisher at [email protected] or 732.450.8866, ext. 26