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Governments Attempt Balance In Securing The Battery Supply Chain

Politicians are walking a tightrope to protect energy security while meeting climate goals.

European Central Bank Hawks Rise

The European Central Bank could end the year with positive interest rates.

Peak Inflation And Market Outlook

How will peaking inflation impact business and the global market outlook?

Verizon Business' Sowmyanarayan On Intelligent Automation

Sampath Sowmyanarayan, chief revenue officer at Verizon Business, discusses intelligent automation.

Tokocrypto, Crypto Council For Innovation On Industry Regulation

Xue Kai Pang, CEO, Tokocrypto and Sheila Warren, CEO, Crypto Council for Innovation on President Joe Biden's Executive Order on crypto regulation and central bank digital currency.

What Happens If Russia Defaults?

War, sanctions, perplexing government decrees and disrupted payment chains are leaving investors in Russian bonds scratching their heads. Russia faces its first foreign currency bond payment since its invasion of Ukraine on Wednesday, March 16. Failure to pay could put it...

Euro Zone May Be At Risk of Stagflation: ECB's Centeno

Bank of Portugal Governor and European Central Bank Governing Council member Mario Centeno says that in spite of the war in Ukraine, “the traction of growth that the economy was following will prevail.” Still, “a scenario close to stagflation is not out of the...

Modular: ESG, Crypto Big Investment Themes Of Decade

Modular Asset Management CEO & CIO Jimmy Lim sees ESG and crypto as the two big investment themes of the decade.

EA Says Oil Prices Are Rising To `Uncomfortable' Levels

Toril Bosoni, head of the International Energy Agency's markets and industry division, says oil prices could climb further because of the OPEC+ coalition's “chronic” struggle to revive production.

Bull Market Still Intact Structurally, Bank of Singapore Says

Eli Lee, head of investment strategy at Bank of Singapore, discusses the outlook for financial markets and the opportunities he sees.

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