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About The Conference

What is unique about this conference and why will fiduciaries attend?

  • This conference is structured to be the pre-eminent investment manager research and due diligence conference for fiduciaries.
  • Fiduciaries are extremely busy and the financial crisis of 2008 and the ensuing market volatility has increased workloads and added new levels of complexity and most importantly costs.
  • This conference was specifically designed to meet the investment manager research and due diligence needs of the attendees.
  • The hotel room rate is highly competitive for the premium level of venue and the location has easy access and is served by major discount airlines.
  • The conference is scheduled to last 2 days, in which a fiduciary attendee will have the opportunity to cost effectively listen and meet with over 50 exhibiting investment management firms.
  • One on one individual presentation rooms during the entire event for firm specific presentations.
  • Separate technology providers exhibit and training room.

Who Should Attend?

  • Institutional Consultants
  • Private Banks – US & Global
  • Emerging Private Banks – Regional
  • Defined Contribution Alliances – National
  • Defined Contribution Administrators – Regional
  • Wirehouse Broker/Dealers – Mutual Fund Wrap, Institutional
  • Wirehouse Corner Office Teams
  • Regional Broker/Dealers – Mutual Fund Wrap, Institutional
  • Independent Broker/Dealers – Mutual Fund Wrap
  • Bank Broker/Dealers – Mutual Fund Wrap
  • Insurance Broker/Dealers
  • TAMPs
  • RIAs
  • RIAs – Wealth Management Family Offices
  • Mutual Fund Supermarkets
  • Sub-Advisory
  • Direct Plan Sponsor

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