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Dine Arounds / Cocktail Receptions / Hospitality

Thursday, October 11, 2012
Dinner at 6:30 pm BLU

4 Avery Street, 4th Floor

Hosted by

BOK Financial

Take a right onto Ave De Lafayette, turn left
onto Washington St and turn right onto Avery St.
RSVP: Lisa Falkenberg, lfalkenberg@williamblair
or 312.364.5419.
Reservation under Jason Lloyd, Williams Blair

Thursday, October 11, 2012
Dinner at 6:30 pm

177 Tremont Street

Hosted by


RSVP: Michael Sussman,
[email protected]
or 212.323.0580 (direct)



Thursday, October 11, 2012
Cocktails 6:30 pm
Dinner at 7:00 pm
Lucca Restaurant - North End

226 Hanover Street, 617.742.9200

Hosted by


Directions: Approimately 8 miles from the Boston Hyatt
RSVP: Kyle Morgan at 617-894-8492 or
[email protected].
Room: Front Trio Room


Thursday, October 11, 2012
Dinner at 7:00 pm
Taranta Restaurant

210 North Hanover St., North End

Hosted by


RSVP: [email protected]




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