September 2002

The Real Deal


Charlie Haines may just be building the multi-client family office of tomorrow.

Bruised By The Bear


Advisors are helping some clients cope with difficult lifestyle decisions brought on, in part, by the ongoing bear market.

The End Of The Long Term?

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

A new generation must learn an old lesson.

Bubble Rubble

by J. Michael Martin

The end of an era and the seeds of the next.

Discovering Your Value: Step Two-What Do You Do?

by Leo Pusateri

Focus on your market and decide who you are.

In This Market, Safety Sells

by Raymond Fazzi

Fund companies are hoping principal protection funds will get noticed.

The Next Big Financial Crisis

by Gregory Bresiger

Pension funds struggle with poor returns and inappropriate asset allocation.

The Search For Value Gets Tricky

Although the style is in favor, value companies aren‚t one-decision stocks.

A Financial Advisor's Guide To The Charitable World

by Roy M. Adams

Helping clients do good can be good for you.

Wallets Are Opening, But Not As Wide

by Caren Chesler

Contributions to donor-advised funds have been lower in the bear market.

Business Slowdown Boosts Brokerage Recruiting

by Raymond Fazzi

But sweetheart deals to switch firms are on the wane.

The Virtual Office: Living The E-Life

by Sharon A.C. Kayfetz

A paperless office is the most efficient and cost-effective way to serve clients.

Flex Time Takes Off

by Tracey Longo

How some advisors have managed to grow a practice and a life.

A Year Later, 9/11 Families Face Financial Uncertainty


Advisors who work with them feel their nerves frayed.

Watching The Detectives

by Tracey Longo

Lessons learned from firms focusing on first-class service.

The Road Less Traveled

by Marla Brill

Julius Baer‚s Richard Pell seeks convergence plays in Europe.

Investment Consulting Experiences Big Transition

by Ron Surz

And now it‚s time for clients to get quality advice.

Advisor Emporium


Barclays‚ Bond ETFs Begin AMEX Trading Four iShares bond exchange-traded funds have begun trading on the American Stock Exchange...

Editor's Note


Raising The Bar One year ago almost to the day, I remember meeting David Goad of FPtransitions in New York City and having a long conversation about the state of the profession...

Frontline News


CFP Board Reviews Challenge Status The CFP Board of Standards is considering phasing out a rule that makes it easier for lawyers, accountants and other financial professionals to sit for...