May 2005

Do Investors Make Rational Or Emotional Decisions?

by C. Michael Carty

Behavioral finance looks to predict investor action.

Betwixt And Between

by Raymond Fazzi

Hybrid advisors work in both the fee-based and commission worlds.

Uncertain Future

by Alan Lavine & Gail Liberman

Fidelity executive forum raises issues about where the industry is headed.

Is ESPlannerPlus Better?

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

Software offers a different approach to financial planning.

Cultivating Good Returns

by Marla Brill

Ron Muhlenkamp looks to his farming days to guide his strategy.

Understanding Real Estate Exchange Deals

by Gail Liberman

Here are some guidelines to help you assess the value of 1031 exchanges.

Substituting For Stable Value Funds


The passion for stable value funds ebbs as SEC questions flow.

Benefiting From ERISA

by Paul M. League

Exclusions allow benefits for small business owners and key managers.

So, You Want To Invest In An Oil Deal?

by Kenny DuBose

A few things to consider before investing.

Efficient Communication Ideas For Remote Advisors

by David L. Lawrence

New technology makes reaching out a lot easier.

Competing In The Nonprofit Market

by David J. Drucker

Nonprofits are one way to capture those multimillion-dollar portfolios.

Accounting For CPA Referrals

by David J. Drucker

Why are CPAs selling client referrals, and should you be buying?

A Special Dedication


Provider Group is committed to helping parents with disabled children.

"Assets-In-A-Box" Investing


Lifecycle funds are becoming popular, but some think their use is limited.

Is Real Estate For Real?

by Raymond Fazzi

Doubters fear a bubble that is ready to burst.

Risk Is More Than Standard Deviation

by Eileen Cohen and William H. Overgard

The hedge-fund return patterns are more important than historical returns.

The Quest For Value Gets Tricky


After several strong years, finding cheap stocks is tougher.

Commodities Go Mainstream

by Marla Brill

New products make it easier to get a pure play on commodity prices.

Sticking To His Plan

by Tracey Longo

How veteran planner Lynn Hopewell built a business that‚s allowed him to retire in style.

Changing Course

by Bruce W. Fraser

Many different roads lead to successful financial planning.

How To Be A Good Boss

by Rebecca Pomering

Nourishing successful employees will help you business to succeed.

How Smart Are You?

by Bill Bachrach

Three ways to tell if you‚re running a smart business.

Taking the Pulse of Affluent Investors

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

There are fewer do-it-yourselfers, but greater scrutiny of advisors.

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