October 2009

Fulfilling Frugality

by Raymond Fazzi

David Yeske and Elissa Buie struck a nerve with clients when they suggested ways to live big on a small budget. 

The Market Nobody Trusts


More observers think the market is telling us something, while others show rage at the rosier forecasts.

The Morning After

by J. Michael Martin

As we've all learned, the party doesn't go on forever. Here's how to improve your investment results by analyzing potential economic scenarios.

Making Yourself Heard

by David Lawrence

Consider new approaches to communicate effectively with clients.

The Financial Life Planning Process

by Roy Diliberto

A step-by-step review of how our firm does its job.

A Police Matter


Beacon Financial has worked to attract law enforcement clients.

Doing The Math

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

Technology tools can help make Roth conversions easier.

A Higher Standard

by Kristina Fausti

It appears that the SEC will remain the primary federal regulator of investment advisors, at least for now.

Wading Back In

by Marla Brill

Last year's credit crunch and commodities crash sent assets in exchange-traded notes plummeting. Now, investors are taking a second look.

Don't Forget Europe


It lacks pizazz, but it offers investment opportunities.

The Ripe Fruit Mellows


Corporate bonds offered great opportunity earlier in the year, but now that yields have fallen, investors are rethinking strategy.

Raw Land, Good Earth

by Jeff Schlegel

Some companies are now tapping investment advisory clients to invest in raw land.

Cashing In On Cash Flow

by Michelle Knight

Retirement-age investors need not resign themselves to a portfolio of Treasury bonds with pitifully low yields.

Up, Up And Away

by Eric L. Reiner

With tax rates likely to rise, traditional approaches are being revisited.

Leaving The Pack

by Marla Brill

Marketfield Fund manager Michael Aronstein believes the economic recovery will be more pronounced than many people expect. But watch out for the long term.

Restoring Normalcy

by Wayne von Borstel

After talking with a trustworthy advisor, clients who have faced a financial upheaval often discover they are better off than they thought.

12th Annual Financial Advisor Symposium Special Supplement

by Davd Smith

A New Era Is Dawning: Are You Prepared?

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Editor's Note

The Surge In Incivility


Yesterday, Sep­tember 16, I barely escaped a public meltdown. After returning home to New York City on a flight from San Diego at 1 a.m...

Frontline News

Frontline News

Clients Want Insured Investments In the wake of the last year's financial collapse, insurance guarantees are in huge demand...

Letters to the Editor


Great August Issue Your editor's note in the August issue was absolutely accurate: This issue was great! The Harold Evensky article ("Maybe MPT Isn't Dead," Harold Evensky,...