May 2010

Rethink. Reorient. Restructure.


The downturn caused some firms to re-examine their strategies.

Nick Murray On Numbers


As the country emerges from a nasty recession, this perceptive observer of the financial services industry is upbeat about the future for advisors.

Private Equity Pitfalls

by Andrew Gluck

Few advisors possess the resources required to research these deals.

Implementing Change

by David Lawrence

Here are some steps to help you prepare to make successful changes in your practice.

What Lower Standards Bring

by Bill Bachrach

A lack of fiduciary standards for the industry means that you have a competitive advantage when you put the client first.

Better Laid Plans

by Mary Rowland

Several advisors have tried to take advantage of the changes in 401(k) advice giving to carve a new niche.

Return On Life

by Mitch Anthony

Our job should be to help clients lead a meaningful life rather than reach a financial or other destination.

Leveraging Passions


Freedom Capital adds a dash of history, magic and adventure to its financial planning philosophy.

Getting Risk Right

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

More retirement planning programs now consider "fat tails."

Help From Your Friends

by David J. Drucker

More advisors are signing on to advisor networks to fast-track their businesses.

Bodies In Motion

by James Picerno

A fresh look at an old idea: momentum investing.

Watch Your Investment Tail

by Alan Lavine

Advisors are using options to insure portfolios against "once in a lifetime" losses.

Great Expectations

by Caren Chesler

Fund managers believe large-cap stocks are poised to move ahead.

Understanding Indexes

by Gail Liberman

Popularity, turnover, structure and other factors affect index funds and ETFs.

Ahoy, Dividend Investors

by Bruce W. Fraser

Cash flush foreign companies are paying high dividends-but beware of risks.

GRAT Limits Likely

by Raymond Fazzi

A virtually foolproof way of passing assets to heirs would be restricted under a bill the U.S. Senate is considering.

Sizing Up Annuities

by Alan Lavine

Payouts are appealing, but do your homework.

Worldwide Turnaround

by Marla Brill

Scout International Fund manager Jim Moffett sees economic progress but choppy financial markets.

The Lost Decade

by Edward K. Riley

Investor portfolios were torpedoed by over-diversification and unquestioning acceptance of the efficient market hypothesis.

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