August 2010

Breakaway Trust Officers


Evercore Wealth Management CEO Jeff Maurer--and many partners at his RIA--adjust to a new life.

Gloom Remains Pervasive

by Andrew Gluck

Muddling along is many advisors' most optimistic scenario.

The Art Of Collaboration

by David Lawrence

Three leading advisory firms describe how they use teamwork in their practices.

An Elusive Profession

by Roy Diliberto

Work still needs to be done so that clients, regulators and the media view and understand us for what we are-financial planners.

Easing The Stress

by Lori K. Murphy

Here's how financial advisors and estate planners can work together to help those with mentally impaired family members.

Star Appeal

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

In a few short years, Morningstar has improved its advisor platform so much that it truly has become an "office."

Searching For Progress

by James Picerno

Financial innovation is under fire. Failing to beat the market is only one reason.

Lessons From The 'Flash Crash'

by Marla Brill

Were ETFs victims or culprits that day, when they were jolted more than other kinds of equities?

Up Down Under

by Eric Uhlfelder

For superior economics, equity appreciation and income, few countries compare with Australia.

A Good Fit

by Alan Lavine

Immediate annuities fit well in retirement income plans.

Tension Tamers

by Ben Mattlin

Here's how to help your clients avert inheritance lawsuits between their kids and a new spouse.

Bad News Bull

by Marla Brill

This value manager looks for companies that he considers undervalued, consistent earners or emerging franchises.

Looking To Streamline

by Raymond Fazzi

Now that they've experienced the harsh consequences of poor business management, fee-based advisors are looking to their custodians and broker-dealers for all the help they can get.

Boringly Beautiful

by John Graves

As advisors, we should avoid forecasts and look for good companies with strong free cash flow and sustainable dividends.

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