January 2011

Thawing Out


Expect the slow economic recovery to continue in 2011.

Four Pillars Of Wisdom

by Nick Murray

From 2010, but for a lifetime: four supremely important books.

A Game Changer

by Andrew Gluck

TD Ameritrade becomes the first major custodian to open its database so it can integrate with virtually any software firm supporting RIAs.

Keeping Track

by David Lawrence

Mind mapping and reminder systems can be powerful tools that help organize your thoughts on work that needs to be done.

Why You Are Lucky

by Bill Bachrach

This may be  the perfect time to reflect on the financial advisory business and how to maximize your intrinsic value.

The Retirement That Works

by Mitch Anthony

Why people work is an important discussion that financial advisors should have with their clients.

Crafting A Comeback

by Bruce W. Fraser

With new leadership at its parent AIG, Advisor Group's trio of broker-dealers venture forth on the road to recovery.

ADV Help

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

This new Web-based platform helps RIAs easily update their regulatory reports.

Paying Dividends


The malaise in fixed-income yields is proving to be the perfect excuse for income investors to look at dividend strategies.  

Will Munis Deflate Again?

by Alan Lavine

The muni market has been volatile, with governments facing steep revenue declines and fears of higher interest rates.

Big Concerns

by Marla Brill

This manager thinks small-cap valuations are high and looks for small companies that can increase earnings in an economic recovery.

The College Shopping Maze

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Saving for college often isn't enough anymore; advisors help parents go school shopping.

Another Real Estate Mess

by Gail Liberman

Clients with option ARMs could be getting a nasty surprise in the coming months.

Long-Term Headache

by Ben Mattlin

What the recent convulsions in the long-term care insurance business mean to you.

My 'Aha' Moments

by Michael Kay

These epiphanies were part of my journey to becoming a life planner.

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