July 2011

Bouncing Back


Financial Advisor's 2011 RIA survey shows assets and client numbers continuing to bounce back, but growth could be sluggish. 

Redefining Financial Advice

by Andrew Gluck

The fate of professionalization and the FPA hang in the regulatory balance.

Learning To Socialize

by David Lawrence

Integrating social media into your advisory practice takes careful evaluation to get the most from what it has to offer.

The 'Language Of Trust'

by Bill Bachrach

Investing more time in people skills than in technical ones will provide a superior pay off.

The Evolving Client Profile

by Mitch Anthony

It needs to go beyond numbers and include a deeper knowledge of clients' personal stories.

Passing The Torch

by Shelley A. Lee

According to the old African proverb, it takes a village to raise a child. The same sentiment could be applied to "raising" a network of advisors. But what happens when the village elders retire?

A Record Year For RIAs

by Bernie Clark

Discipline both on the expense and client care sides has created sound business practices for an evolving RIA industry.

Economic Impact

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

MacroRisk Analytics says it can help advisors create better portfolios by delivering economic data it believes impacts investment performance.

Old Debate, New Look

by James Picerno

Recent research suggests that alpha isn't so elusive after all.

Tiger Versus Dragon

by Alan Lavine

Despite huge challenges in China and India, investors expect rising wages, increased domestic demand and exports to accelerate business growth.

Telecoms On Top

by Eric Uhlfelder

Telecoms are the top-yielding securities, but caution is needed to realize meaningful total returns.

A Bear Market For Bonds?

by Tom Lydon

The new environment calls for advisors to review their fixed-income holdings and devise a strategy to protect these positions.

Fault-Line Investing

by Marla Brill

First Eagle Global Fund has been known to move into investments when others flee.

Aiming For Advisors

by Gail Liberman

New annuity products and platforms are being designed to appeal to fee-only advisors.

Bumpy Road

by Ben Mattlin

Fans of 529 plans say they are the right vehicle for many to save for college expenses, but they acknowledge the last ten years haven't produced the hoped-for gains.

Who Deserves Credit?

by Gail Liberman

The real estate bust has resulted in advisors helping clients with credit score surprises.

Debt Battle Won't Destroy Treasurys

by Brian Perry

A U.S. credit downgrade would hurt the nation's pride and unleash bad publicity, but the real impact on bond investors would be muted.

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