May 2012

How Much Is Enough?

by Bill Bengen

The father of the 4½% rule analyzes its past, present and future performance.

Sudden Impact

by Alan Lavine

How can advisors minimize the effect of large losses in a retirement portfolio just when clients want to begin withdrawals?

Optimizing Social Security

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

When is the best time to start taking benefits?  New software helps answer that question.

Day Of Reckoning

by Michael J. McDermott

Fee-based advisors should benefit when 401(k) participants soon find out the cost of their plans.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

by Martin E. Landry

Recognizing and managing emotions may help keep investing plans intact.

Missed Opportunity

by David Lawrence

Most advisors underutilize the technology offered by their broker-dealer or custodian. Why?

More Vacation

by Bill Bachrach

Take more real vacations to be a better and more successful financial advisor.

Discernment And Right Versus Wrong

by Donald B. Trone

Reforming the flawed corporate ethos of Goldman Sachs or implementing a fiduciary standard, codes and regulations won't be enough to provide the best outcome.

The "More Time" Myth

by Mitch Anthony

Advisors lose sight of what is possible with clients when they don't vary their scripts.

Two Hats

by Joni Youngwirth

How can you manage your roles as business owner and financial advisor simultaneously?

Out Of The Ashes

by Eric L. Reiner

CPA Robert Keebler is leading Keebler & Associates LLP to the cutting edge of tax and estate planning.

A Few Bargains

by Alan Lavine

Be selective when buying closed-end stock funds.

The Re-Emerging Markets

by Tom Lydon

Investors wanting to take part in the growth story of developing countries may want to consider some of the BRIC ETFs.

High Yield, Global Style

by Marla Brill

The recent surge in popularity of high-yield bonds has left Andrew Feltus both encouraged and concerned.

Art Is For The Living

by Thomas M. Kostigen

Leaving art to charity helps avoid big tax payments to the the IRS.

The Horror


Whether it's sibling rivalries, poorly thought out trusts or simply greed, the estate planning world offers an abundance of horror stories.

The Gift Of Presence

by Lewis J. Walker

Collaboration is critical if our society, our profession and our practices are to work, succeed, grow and prosper.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

Morningstar Advisor Workstation Adds PriceMetrix Tools Morningstar is adding two new tools to Advisor Workstation, its Web-based investment planning platform...

Editor's Note

Frontline News

Genesis Created To Prevent Exodus

The first wave of financial planners is graying at the temples, and there's a big need for a new generation to take their place.

Swinging For The Fences (With Baseball Bats)

Everybody loves a present, including potential high-net-worth investor clients...

CFP Board Shortens Certification Time

The Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards last month said it's amending its regulations to shorten the time needed to qualify for CFP certification from three years to two if the person...


A job satisfaction study by J.D. Power found that financial advisors' happiness with their work is most dependent on their firm's performance. The market research company's 2012 U.S...

RIA Firm, Intel Create New Platform For Independent FAs

Beverly Hills Wealth Management had an idea for a new comprehensive, open-architecture platform aimed at independent financial advisors. Intel Corp. had the technology to make it happen...

Advisors, Clients See Portfolios Differently

How do you measure portfolio performance? Depends on whom you ask and what their time frame is...

The Growing Threat Of Financial Fraud

Bernard Madoff and Allen Stanford might be the poster boys of Ponzi schemers and financial fraudsters, but they're just two examples--albeit high-profile ones--of a growing number of dubious...

Advisors Often Work Against Clients' Interests, Study Says

Financial advisors often work against their clients' interests if it means earning more in fees, according to a recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research...