July 2013

Finding Their Own Way

by Jeff Schlegel

2012 was good for RIAs, which followed different routes to grow.

Reasonable Expectations

by Gary A. Miller and Scott A. MacKillop

This RIA's research suggests that the future long-term real rate of return of the U.S. stock market is less than what many others have projected.

Age-Old Truths

by Mitch Anthony

Our culture has been brainwashed into believing that age correlates to insignificance.

Simpler Is Often Better

by David Lawrence

Advisors often develop models that are too complicated for serving clients.

Fiduciary Redux

by Donald Trone

The rich history behind the fiduciary movement isn’t standing still.

What’s Good For The Goose…

by Brian Hamburger

Inequities abound in Finra’s proposed recruitment compensation rule.

The Career Track

by Philip Palaveev

Employees need to know how working for your firm may benefit them in the future.

24 Hours And Counting

by Joni Youngwirth

Here are the best and worst uses of an advisor’s time.

The Last Frontier

by James Picerno

Rebalancing software is crucial, but many advisors overlook it.

Over The Sea, Let’s Go

by Eric Rasmussen

Investors turning to low volatility and dividend ETFs overseas may be buying the same stocks and bidding them up to bubble levels.

U.S. Equities: View From The Peak?

by Ben Mattlin

A mid-year forecast for the stock market.

Cash In Hand

by Bruce W. Fraser

Seeking yield, investors keep pouring money into dividend-paying stocks and funds.

Tiny Wonders

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Nanotechnology may offer big rewards for patient, open-minded investors.

Unexpected Places

by Marla Brill

Oakmark Fund’s managers look for value by giving short shrift to prevailing market trends.

Annuity Ingenuity

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Jefferson National has won over RIAs because of its flat-fee offering.

Financial Planning Saves The World

by Richard B. Wagner

Our work can be the functional equivalent of war because lives are at stake.

4th Annual Innovative Alternative Strategies Conference

by FA Staff

The conference brochure provides details on the speakers, agenda and sponsors.

Advisor Emporium

ING Introduces Global Perspectives Fund

ING Introduces Global Perspectives Fund ING U.S...

Editor's Note

RIA’s Model Rising

by Evan Simonoff

If anyone needed further evidence that the RIA business has emerged as the major force within the personal finance space, take a look at Financial Advisor’s eighth annual RIA survey...

Frontline News

Boutique Shopping

Cerulli Associates forecasts that so-called boutique firms will increasingly be a go-to place for wirehouse advisors breaking away to the RIA space.

Inflation Fears? Think I Bonds

by Jeff Schlegel

I Bonds offer protection against both deflation and inflation, but they have some quirks that don’t always lend themselves to client portfolios.

Reaching The Pinnacle

by Karen DeMasters

John Peterson wanted his small financial advisory firm, CWM Financial Group in Gaithersburg, Md., to grow but he had reached his limit for handling new clients. He turned to a larger firm for help.

Financial Services A Difficult Place For Women Advisors

The financial services industry has one of the hardest glass ceilings for women to break through of any industry, according to a survey by Edward Jones.

Financial Abuse Of Elderly Serious Problem

An overwhelming majority of doctors and nurses feel financial fraud is a very or somewhat serious problem for the elderly, according to a recent survey by the Investor Protection Trust (IPT)...

Medicare, Obamacare And Retirement Age

by Jeff Schlegel

Sixty-five is commonly seen as the target retirement age in the U.S., but that could change due to several things in the works.

Pershing: Gen Y To Upend Financial Services Business

Financial advisors will receive a serious jolt in the next seven years as Generation Y, also known as The Millennials, rapidly emerges as the dominant demographic group in the nation...

Letters to the Editor

Opportunity Missed

In the recent article on long-term care insurance (“LTC Carriers Dumping Policyholders,” April 2013), Financial Advisor missed a valuable opportunity to have a fair, reasonable...