December 2013

Fee Fiasco

by Karen DeMasters & Evan Simonoff

The controversy about how to label advisors has heated up at the CFP Board.

No Stylist Required

by Michelle Knight

Advisors should not limit themselves to one of the latest investment approaches.

Plan B

by Mary Rowland

New “B corporations” try to restructure companies in order to make them more socially conscious.

Wishing Can Make It True

by Roy Diliberto

Visualization—not a financial plan—makes dreams come true.

Finding The ‘Best’ Clients

by Russ Alan Prince & Brett Van Bortel

A referral from this group is worth more than one from others.

Plowing Ahead

by Joel Bruckenstein

Big custodians are all investing heavily in technology for advisors.

Understanding Generation Me

by Eric Rasmussen

Understanding Generations X and Y goes way beyond Facebook.

Owner Worries

by Ben Mattlin

Small businesses are facing an unusual moment. The economy is expanding, albeit gradually, but lending is still crushingly tight, causing many to miss out on the potential...

Prepare For The Bear

by Jeff Schlegel

Advisors consider strategies to protect against the inevitable pullback in stocks and bonds.

Boosting Income With ETF Covered Calls

by Marla Brill

The strategy may appeal to conservative clients who prefer small but consistent profits.

Avoiding The Crowds

by Marla Brill

Gregg Fisher zeros in on overlooked asset classes with better return potential and lower risk.

The Great Investing Debate

by Marie Swift

Tiburon participants discuss investing strategies and whether clients understand them.

Books Of The Year 2013

by Nick Murray

Five wonderful books highlighted a vintage year for useful perspectives.

Advisor Emporium

Pacific Divorce Management Launches Franchise

by FA Staff

San Diego-based Pacific Divorce Management is launching a new franchise system for financial advisors looking to aid divorcing spouses.

Editor's Note

A Long, Sad, Strange Trip

by Evan Simonoff

Working on this month’s cover story with Karen DeMasters about the minefield the CFP Board stepped into trying to define fee-only, I found that it’s hard not to think the situation is a sad...

Frontline News

Advisor Seeks To Empower Women

by Karen DeMasters

Melody Juge is going national with plans to help women take greater control of their money.

Most Common Regulatory Deficiencies Among Investment Advisors

by FA Staff

State securities examiners found the most common deficiencies occurred in the areas of books and records, registration and contracts.

Direct-To-Investor Assets A Threat To Advisors?

by FA Staff

The growing amount of direct-to-investor assets might be a worrisome trend for financial advisors, according to a recent study from Cerulli Associates.

LPL, Raymond James Top Wish List

by FA Staff

Nearly one-quarter of financial advisors are “at risk” of leaving their current jobs, and two firms lead the pack regarding who could land those advisors.

New Solo RIA Aims To Go Global

by Jeff Schlegel

Arete Wealth Strategists founder Ashley Murphy hopes to eventually do business on three continents.

Inflation Brings Odd Twists, But Little Change To 2014 Taxes

by Eric L. Reiner

Advisors should note the changes to next year’s tax calculations.

Big Signing Bonuses For Brokers Are Here To Stay

by Dan Jamieson

Forget the idea of a "truce" between Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch; big bonuses for big brokers aren't going away.