March 2014

What’s Next For Nick Schorsch?

by Dan Jamieson

He’s not done rapidly building a huge independent B-D network

The Ultimate Transition

by Lewis Walker

Aging changes how people look at life in profound ways.

Psychic Income

by Deena Katz

The emotional satisfaction that advisors get from their practices may be preventing them from developing succession plans.

Is It Worth The Price?

by Mitch Anthony

Memo to Tiger Mom: Elite university admission can be bought in several ways.

Old-File Pickle

by David Lawrence

Going paperless creates difficult choices for advisors.

What Sets Them Apart

by Donald B. Trone

Here are the 10 attributes of elite financial advisors.


by Russ Alan Prince & Brett Van Bortel

Seeing and playing angles is crucial to becoming rich.

Unsung Custodians

by Joel Bruckenstein

They aren’t the big behemoths, but they are stepping up their game and adding more services for RIAs.

ETF Laggards To Love In 2014

by Marla Brill

Managers suggest ETFs that may rise to the top.

Will M&A Emerge From Its Coma?

by Evan Simonoff

George Kellner expects an increase in merger activity and capital expenditures this year.

The New Vietnam And Cambodia

by Larry Chambers

Both countries have changed dramatically and are worth putting on your watch list.

Vulturing Abroad

by Marla Brill

Manager David Marcus believes Europe offers some of the best stock values.

Schoolhouse Roadblock

by Joseph R. Perone

The ways people pay for college are changing and will change even more.

A Special Club

by Mark Hurley

The members are “big” firms that think they can buy others with little or no cash.

Advisor Emporium

Fidelity Introduces Yield Investigator Calculator

by FA Staff

Fidelity’s new interactive calculator—The Yield Investigator—is intended to help financial advisors understand the impact of rising rates on a fixed-income portfolio.

Frontline News

When Investing Becomes A Gambling Disease

by Ted Knutson

Playing the stock market can build wealth, but it can also be financially and psychologically destructive.

Focus On Gen Y

by Jeff Schlegel

Sophia Bera’s financial planning firm is all Generation Y, all the time.

Reasons To Be In Commodities Now

by Eric L. Reiner

The less-than-sunny forecast for many commodities is actually a good motive for holding them in client portfolios, says a thought-leader in the area.

Marketing Madness

by FA Staff

According to Cogent Reports, 82% of materials received by advisors is likely to go unread.

Millionaire’s Row

by FA Staff

North Dakota saw the fastest growth rate last year in the U.S. for millionaires per capita.

Campfire Tales

by Ted Knutson

A small but growing number of summer campers are getting exposure to financial literacy programs around the country.