February 2015

Indexing’s Existential Controversy

by Jeff Schlegel & Evan Simonoff

Rob Arnott on the rise of smart-beta indexes (and their critics).

A Worry-Free Retirement

by Roy Diliberto

Advisors should consider new strategies for clients who needlessly worry about running out of money.

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

by Ric Edelman

Over the next decade, advisors who want to stay in the business will have three choices.

Efficient Branding And Communications

by David Lawrence

It convinces prospects that you will offer a new and better experience than your competitors.

Can Clients Handle The Truth?

by Bill Bachrach

Your goal is to help them get the best results, not be their best friend.

High-Touch, High-Profit Relationship Management

by Russ Alan Prince & Brett Van Bortel

It will pay off with satisfied clients, higher AUM and more referrals.

Staying Ahead

by Joel Bruckenstein

How advisors respond to changing demographics and technology will be important to their success, says this Schwab executive.

Risk Rising In Fixed Income

by Maureen Nevin Duffy

2015 could be the year of the active bond manager.

Time For A Breather?

by Marla Brill

Health care has been the apple of investors’ eyes, but managers think it’s time to pull back.

Trends With Benefits

by Marla Brill

AQR’s managed futures fund is one of the growing roster of alternative investments that trade futures contracts.

Another Road To LTC Coverage

by Ben Mattlin

LTC riders on annuities may be a good option for some clients.

It’s All About The Numerators

by Richard B. Wagner

The best we advisors can do is guess intelligently and put those ideas to work for clients.

Robo-Advisors Have Their Own Issues

by Evan Simonoff

The thought of robots replacing professors and lawyers is somewhat amusing, but who am I to say it won’t happen?

Advisor Emporium

Guide Developed To Prevent Elder Financial Abuse

by FA Staff

Guide Developed To Prevent Elder Financial Abuse La Vista, Neb...

Editor's Note

Robo-Advisors Have Their Own Issues

by Evan Simonoff

The thought of robots replacing professors and lawyers is somewhat amusing, but who am I to say it won’t happen?

Frontline News

Robo Assets Grew Significantly In ’14

by Jeff Schlegel

According to Corporate Insight, total assets managed by 11 leading robo-advisors reached $19 billion as of early December, up 65% since April 2014.

Advisor Creates Guide To Local Investing

by Jeff Schlegel

James Frazier has launched a website that, among other things, helps advisors advise clients who want to make investments in their local communities.

Obamacare, Fatca And So Much More For ’14 Tax Year

by Eric L. Reiner

A rundown of ’14 tax breaks kept alive by last-minute legislation last year, along w/ fun new aspects introduced for tax year 2014.

CFP Board Launches Online Career Center

by Karen DeMasters

CFP career center designed to connect jobs and job seekers.

Independents To Top Wirehouses In Asset Market Share By ’19

by FA Staff

The combined asset market share among independent advisor channels should top that of the wirehouses in the next four years, Cerulli says.

Client Meetings Go The Way Of Cassette Tape Players

by Dan Jamieson

Like old cassette tape players, newspaper subscriptions and telephone landlines, the regular in-person client meeting is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

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