January 2017

The Bull Shifts Directions


The market’s reaction to Trump’s election was powerful, but not unanimous.

A View Of The Golden Years From The Sunshine State


Despite the joy most of our clients experience as retirees, most also worry. A lot.

Making 2017 Your Best Year Ever


Here are a few ideas to help you achieve that goal.

The Size Of Our Heart


True generosity gives our lives a transcendent vitality.

Creating An Elite Wealth Management Practice

by ,

Financial professionals must integrate three essential components.

Meet The Competition


Retail robo-platforms from E*Trade and Fidelity are just two examples of how the investment game is changing.

Make Taxes Great Again


How advisors can use the latest proposals to benefit clients and reimagine planning.

ETF Strategists Assess The Trump Effect


Some sectors are bound to benefit, but most managers aren’t making big moves.

Gender Agenda


Gender lens investing is piquing interest in the financial community.

The Small-Cap Paradox


Investors must be discriminating to find real value after small companies’ amazing run.

Keeping The Faith


This inflation- and volatility-fighting fund has been faithful to its model through trying times—and surged in 2016.

Life Insurer Challenges


Capital reserve requirements, low interest rates and the DOL rule pack a wallop.

Don’t Let Success Interfere With Your Work


Doing high-quality work for clients means taking time to understand them.

Advisor Emporium

Alabama Moves Forward With ABLE Accounts


Alabama Moves Forward With ABLE Accounts Alabama has become the latest state to implement a new savings and investment account for individuals with disabilities...

Editor's Note

Client Selection Gets Thorny


Doing comprehensive planning right requires advisors and their clients to wrestle with difficult personal issues that many folks would rather sweep under the rug.

Frontline News

Death To The Death Tax?


Death and taxes are the ultimate in unavoidability in our lifetimes, so it’s no wonder that many people intensely despise the concept of combining them in the form of the estate tax.



ImpactUs seeks to streamline the impact investment process for both institutional and retail investors.

The ‘Shady Acres’ Myth Of LTC


Any client who has had to find affordable, quality care for an elderly relative knows it can be laborious and frustrating.

Border-Hopping Sparks Money Issues


Globalization is creating a new generation of Americans living abroad and their planning is complex.