April 2017

2017 Independent Broker-Dealer Survey: No Going Back


Broker-dealers will continue to reinvent themselves, whether or not the DOL rule moves forward.

How To Beat The Conventional Wisdom: Part 1

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The most tax-advantaged money may not be where you think.

America First Investing


Is 3% growth sustainable? Animal spirits have been unleashed; now it’s show-me time.

5 Steps To Prepare For The Marketing Wars


To prepare for the marketing fight ahead, advisors must focus on people willing to pay a premium for personalization.

Rethinking Retirement Liability: Part 2

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Calculating the “personal funded ratio”—and its key benefits for financial advisors.

Womenomics: A Different Lens


Jackie VanderBrug talks about the way women will transform economies.

ESG Pioneer Sees Challenges Ahead


Manager Jerome Dodson and others are concerned the potential rollback of financial and environomental regulations.

Estate Planning: It’s Not Over

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There are a dozen reasons prudent estate planning will remain critical, even if the federal estate tax is repealed.

Got Any Spare Change?


One of the ways for us to become better planners is to better understand change.

Natixis Launches ESG Target-Date Funds


Natixis Global Asset Management launched the Natixis Sustainable Future Funds, a target-date retirement series focusing on environmental, social and governance investing.

Why The Shortage Of Female Advisors?


A major conference topic will be how to attract more women to the business.

Unconventional Retirement


What to look for at the Inside Retirement conference.

Editor's Note

A Very Special Thanks


Money certainly isn’t everything, but most Americans value financial independence as one of their primary goals.

Frontline News

The Discount Firm Price Wars


Fund expenses remain the largest battleground in the discount brokerage price war.

Cannabis Creates An Investment Buzz


Opportunities—and risks—abound in one of the country’s growth industries.

Future Will Demand More Of Advisors


CFA Institute says advisors will have to broaden their services to be successful.

Managing Finances Not A Forte For Many People


Forty-four percent of people rank themselves a “C” or lower on the money management scale.

DeVoe, Kochis Launch Succession Planning Platform


DeVoe & Co. is bringing on the well-known advisor to help launch the service.