June 2017

Hardly Working? Try Hardly Retiring


With more people staying in the workforce after age 65, how do advisors benefit?

Strange Bedfellows


What happens when financial advisors enter politics?

Grantham Asks: Is This Time Different Or Dangerous?


High multiples might persist for a long time, challenging value investors.

Sourcing Wealthy Investors From Private Client Lawyers

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Determining a lawyer’s style and building a connection are crucial.

The Plight Of The Small Broker-Dealer


Small B-Ds face a regulatory pile-on.

Can Private Equity Differentiate An Advisory Practice?


Adding it to your service mix may distinguish your firm among high-net-worth investors.

Looking For New Clients?


New lead generation tools may help you convert prospects into clients.

A Look At Short-Term Bond Funds


Seeking yield while maintaining stability.

Bounce Back


Emerging markets prove resilient and promising despite anti-globalist political tantrums.

Alternative Strategies, Multiple Managers


This Litman Gregory fund has managed to rise above the competition.

Putting RMDs To Work


Ongoing planning lets individuals make the most of required distributions from 401(k)s and IRAs.

The Future Of Annuities


Shifting regulations and sales trends cause uncertainty and innovation.

Robos: Just Another Branch On The TAMP Family Tree


Too little attention is being given to what robo-advisors really are.

Advisor Emporium

Fintech Firms Offer Inexpensive Insights on Valuation


For advisors curious about how much their firms might be worth, two companies have come up with solutions: Truelytics has rolled out a free valuation tool, while 3xEquity has enhanced its valuation...

Editor's Note

Advisors’ Melancholy Mood


What is driving this feeling of the blues? Murray identified two major factors: the DOL fiduciary rule and the advent of robo-advisors.

Frontline News

New Strategies For Retirement Highlighted


Planning for retirement in 2017 is as great a challenge as it has ever been—but that’s probably good news for financial advisors.

Advisors As Coaches


A trio of financial advisors tell how they incorporate life coaching into their practices.

Trump Likely Won’t Stump Sustainable/ ESG Investing


Sustainable and ESG Investing may be beyond the control of a pro-business president.