August 2017

The Lion In Summer


Jeremy Grantham says this is an anti-bubble, not a bubble.

The Other Career Track


Non-revenue operations people need a place to shine at their jobs, too.

A Nurturing Campaign

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This method allows you to turn other professionals into a pipeline of new wealthy clients.

The Calmest Lawyer In The Room


Chris Frieden expects national players to dominate the advisory space.

Market While You Sleep


Marketing automation software promises advisors a way to find a good match with clients.

First Look: Whealthcare Planning


Carolyn McClanahan, a planner and physician, is behind software that could revolutionize health and eldercare planning.

Recruiting Speeds Up


More advisors are reassessing their B-D affiliations with an eye on the DOL rule.

Time To Rehydrate


Liquid alternatives deserve more attention as market risks mount.

Taking Factors To The Max


It’s not enough to have investing factors these days—you have to mix them. But the optimal recipe for multifactor ETFs remains elusive.

The Reading On REITs


Interest rates alone can’t predict the success of real-estate investment trusts, say REIT fans.

Craving Cash Flow


The Columbia Dividend Income Fund looks for companies whose cash flow can support sustained dividends.

Is it Time to Review Your Fee Schedule?


“Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” —Oscar Wilde

Grantham’s Worldview: What Trump Got Right And U.S. Politicians Got Wrong


America's biggest problem is income inequality but U.S. politicians have ignored middle-class decline.

Advisor Emporium

AssetMark Introduces Business Assessment Tool


Concord, Calif.-based AssetMark has rolled out a free online business assessment tool for financial advisory practices.

Editor's Note

Look At The Facts


In a world changing as fast as the present one, defining value is very challenging.

Frontline News

Advisors Should Do As They Say


Succession planning still sometimes gets short shrift with financial advisors.

SEC Approves Major Exam Revamp


The update will create a “securities industry essentials” exam—an entry-level test covering industry basics.

Short On Revenue, Finra Raises Fines, Freezes Top Salaries


Faced with dwindling operating revenues, Finra has frozen the salaries of its top executives.

Getting The Best Price On Muni Bonds


A new service from 280 CapMarkets aims to help advisors get better pricing on municipal bonds.

Art Collecting On The Cheap


Lower-cost online art purchases brings newbies to the collecting world, and possible relationship-building opportunities for advisors.