March 2018

Alliance Of Mavericks


A robo-advisor seeking human planners buys into RIA Plancorp.

When Adult Children Wreck Parents’ Retirement


How do advisors deal with clients when adult children are still draining their finances?

Siegel Shares Some Sober Thoughts About Stocks


He believes financial markets are entering a new phase.

Culture Is Greater Than Life Balance


Spelling out a firm’s culture helps employees determine if they are a good fit.

Why The Ultra-Wealthy Prefer Multi-Family Offices

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MFOs’ holistic model better meets the needs of the wealthy.

Want More Women Advisors?


Here’s what firms should be doing to bring more women into the profession.

Are Emerging Markets Ready For An Encore?


EM stocks were star performers last year, but observers wonder if they can weather a global trade out of equities.

Real Estate Investors Uneasy


While a few are changing plans because of the tax overhaul, most clients are taking a wait-and-see approach.

A Keen Eye For Trouble


The T. Rowe Price Value Fund both looks for cheap companies and tries to avoid land mines.

The Latest College Scene


College savers could use a crash course on the tax law changes.

A Final Love Letter


This is how you leave a legacy.

Advisor Emporium

Hearsay Offers Compliant Client Engagement Tools


Angie Herbers, founder of the advisor consulting firm FourPointe Consulting, has launched an educational platform, Beyond U, to help advisors grow their firms.

Editor's Note

Is Financial Repression Over?


Economists at JP Morgan are expecting four increases in the fed funds rate this year and another four in 2019.

Frontline News

Advisory Firm Is Literally Focused On Financial Fitness


A fitness center and nutrition advice are part of this advisory firm's plan to improve the lives of clients.

Execs Debate The B-D Of The Future


Broker-dealer officials realize their businesses are changing at a fast pace.

Impact Bonds Are Making Bigger Impact


Incapital works with financial advisors, broker-dealers and banks to offer impact bonds to retail clients.

CFP Board Won’t Bow To Pressure To Defer Fiduciary Standards


The board said it would not table its proposed best-interest code of standards in the face of broker-dealer pressure.