May 2018

Young Advisors To Watch In 2018


These young advisors are finding creative ways to build their firms in the face of changing demographics.

All You Can’t Leave Behind


Clients’ legacy can’t be controlled, but their impact can.

Yardeni: Inflation Dead, Equities Can Return 7% Until 2025


But sustainable GDP growth is likely to remain between 2.0% and 2.5%.

Emotion-Driven Planning Will Accelerate Soon


People want their money managed in ways that improve their lives.

The Sweet Spot For Referrals

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Successful business owners can be a great source for advisors looking to build their client base.

What To Do With So Much Optimism?


Financial Advisor found in its retirement survey that clients are feeling more optimistic and spending sustainably.

Helping Clients Face Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia: Part 2

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Here are specific steps that advisors can take to help promote openness and help clients cope.

Donor-Advised Funds In The Era Of Tax Reform


How did recent changes in the tax law affect giving to these popular vehicles?

Data Encryption Done Right


Data encryption is a must-have for independent RIAs, but no two forms of electronic communication are created equal.

Pipes Of Pain


Midstream oil space MLPs were whipsawed by the oil crash and fickle tax regimes. Are they still lovable?

A Way To Ride The Roller-Coaster


The managers of the Gateway Fund say investors are looking for more tools to combat volatility.

Advisors, Sponsors Cutting 401(k) Fees


Don’t compromise performance or value when scaling back retirement-plan costs.

What To Do When Couples Have Differing Risk Tolerances


It’s a common problem for couples in all age groups.

Advisor Emporium

New Fixed-Index Product By Allianz Life


Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America has introduced two new fixed-index universal life insurance policies, the Allianz Life Pro+ Elite and Allianz Asset Pro+.

Editor's Note

A Bright Future


What is clear is that the demand for financial advice is outstripping the advisor population. And that’s just for baby boomer and Gen X clients.

Frontline News

Using An HSA To Fund LTC


Long-term care is a qualifying medical expense for a health savings account, but with some provisos.

Here Comes The Certified Financial Therapist Designation


The Financial Therapy Association will offer a certified financial therapist designation later this year.

Trimming Taxes With A ‘Dynamic’ Roth Conversion


A poorly executed retirement strategy could cost clients tons of money.

U.S. Workers Still Lag In Retirement Savings, But Execs See Hope


Millennials are getting the message they have to start saving early, retirement industry executives said.