August 2018

From Legal Eagle To Financial Shepherd


A successful personal injury lawyer, Chadd Mason saw people he knew get entangled with bad financial products. Not one to shrink from a challenge, he quickly took the plunge into advising.

When Roths May Not Be Right


A dozen reasons not to do a Roth conversion.

Your Marketing Makeover


Good marketing is simple, clear and repetitive.

When Clients Don’t Follow Our Advice


When they take their own path, we should try to help them go forward with the least amount of damage.

Gray Divorce Boom: A Retirement Train Wreck


Divorce rates are rising among older Americans and pose special planning challenges.

Getting Referrals From Corporate M&A Attorneys

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They are excellent sources for advisors looking to cultivate wealthy investors.

Moving Chess Pieces


The independent broker-dealer space is in a state of play as advisors take advantage of change.

When Volatility Knocks


Now that we’re in uncertain economic times, alternatives may get a new moment in the spotlight.

Still Time To Move In


Investors should be able to find solid returns in real estate if they scout it out carefully.

Muddy Waters


Financial advisors have been reticent to go into impact investing, despite the increasing interest from clients.

International Small Caps Poised For Growth


This fund sees huge opportunity in small companies abroad.

SEC Proposals Will Hurt The Public


The agency’s proposed rules on advice for retail investors badly miss the mark.

Advisor Emporium

RBC Launches AdvisoryLink and Unified Portfolio


RBC Wealth Management has partnered with fintech firm Envestnet to improve RBC’s advisor-client technology.

Editor's Note

The Longevity Challenge


How will the workforce adjust to accommodate individuals who need to keep working and a younger cohort that is looking to advance?

Frontline News

Here’s How To Make Money Advising Millennials


This accountant and planner explains how his compensation structure works for him -- and his young clients.

Retirement Age Disconnect


Young people seem to have unrealistic expectations about when they’ll be able to retire.

What Clients Want From Their Advisors


Different generations have different priorities.

IRI Urges Advisors To Fight Elder Financial Abuse


IRI will provide training materials for financial advisors about how and when to report suspected abuse.

Finra Takes Over Broker Background Check Duties From B-Ds


Finra said it will begin providing background checks on newly hired brokers, free of charge.