December 2018

Capitalizing Beyond 401(k)s


Captrust has made its bones in 401(k) plans, and is now using that platform to burst into wealth management nationwide.

Books Of The Year 2018


From Howard Marks and Ken Langone to ‘Caddyshack’ and Apollo 8, an eclectic list of seven books from a banner year.

The College Cost Crisis


Planners need to do more to stop clients from jeopardizing their children’s futures, and their own retirements, says this advisor.

Great Expectations (And Wrong Ones)


The client experience shouldn't turn on investment performance.

Three Ways To Get Referrals

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It’s not enough to have expertise; you have to know the business of the people who will refer you.

Ignore Generation X Clients At Your Own Peril


Once shunned by advisors, Gen X clients may not be forgiving.

Fishing For Value Overseas


Portfolio managers are uncovering attractive equities in many parts of the world.

Putting On The Calls


As volatility returns to the market, investors are likely going to revisit stock options, but the best strategies aren’t the obvious ones.

Waiting For Better Values


Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing a fund manager can do.

Universal Life Insurance: Past Its Prime?


Low interest rates have burned universal life holders, but some advisors still see advantages.

More Myths About Retirement


We know clients make investment mistakes, but what other things do they get wrong?

Advisor Emporium

Fidelity Offers Technology Platform Creator For Wealth Management Firms


Fidelity recently announced the launch of Wealthscape Integration Xchange—a new digital store.

Editor's Note

Client Appreciation Days


As the economy has moved from the industrial era to the age of knowledge, growth stocks have trounced their value counterparts.

Frontline News

Saving Taxes While Giving To Charity After Tax Reform


Three donation tools remain in the post-reform era.

Many Hybrid RIAs Are Hiding 12b-1 Fees


Numerous advisors ignored an amnesty allowing them to self-report using expensive share classes.

Hybrid RIA Channel Increasingly Viewed As Attractive Business Model


The hybrid model is garnering staying power, says Cerulli Associates.

Financial Lit 101


D.A. Davidson and YMCAs in L.A. have partnered to bring financial literacy to high school students.