January 2019

Expect A Choppy 2019


What would a slowdown look like when some parts of the economy are so strong?

Finding Chemistry For Rainmakers And Team Players


The balance determines the people who choose to join your firm and those who choose to stay.

The Game Has Changed


The rules are changing, and like certain basketball players, you’ll need new skill sets.

Tech Wars Roil Custodian Landscape


Custodians are scrambling for RIA business by beefing up their software platforms.

Help For Heroes


Many vets don’t know of the perks they get as members of the military.

How To Succeed In Succession


It’s never too early to plan for who takes over the business you’ve built.

Unleashing The Power Of Strategic Donor-Advised Funds

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Contributions to DAFs have reached an all-time high. How can they be part of your clients’ estate plans?

Sourcing Billionaires And The Ultra-Affluent


Follow a three-step process to deliver services to these clients.

Putting Faith In Investing


Investing in accordance with religious principles is on the rise.

Gearing Up For A Tough Year


In tough markets, Margaret Patel is an equity manager with bond cards to play.

Big Changes Ahead


Simplification, lower fees seen for annuities in 2019.

2018: A Pivotal Year For Financial Planning


There hasn’t been this much change since the financial crisis.

Advisor Emporium

Vanguard Debuts Global Credit Bond Fund


Vanguard Group of Valley Forge, Pa., is expanding its active fixed-income product offerings with the addition of the company’s new Global Credit Bond Fund.

Editor's Note

When The President Is Right


If this were the greatest economy in the history of the world, it could handle a few interest rate hikes.

Frontline News

Incorporating Climate Change Into Real Estate Investing


The thought process behind real estate investing is changing as storms get worse and investors start to adapt.

Millennials Envision Being Middle-Aged Millionaires


Most millennials don't use a traditional advisor now and don't plan to use one in the future, a new survey says.

Instant Wealth, Instant Philanthropy?


A majority of Americans would share their wealth if they received a financial windfall, a new survey says.

Southern States Most Burdened By Credit Card Debt


While the Southern region has the largest credit card burden, New Mexico tops the list.

This Job Can Help Students Pay For College


Advisors whose clients have children in college may want to suggest this freelance work.