February 2019

Will Your Clients’ Kids Freeze You Out?


Trillions of dollars are at stake in the next 30 years. Advisors can’t let it slip through their fingers.

The Quality Factor Takes Center Stage


With corporate debt rising, investors are taking a deeper look at “quality.”

Tax Alerts For Advisors To Share With CPAs


These three notices will help accountants with your clients’ 2018 tax returns.

The Four Transitions Of Aging


Aging is inevitable but not unmanageable, and the toughest issues are not financial.

The Art of Framing And Discovery

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Use discovery to learn clients' wishes, dreams, concerns and anxieties.

Fleeing To Cash Not The Only Investment Mistake


In bear markets, beware pitches for bad products.

On The Acquisition Trail


Greg Friedman grew Private Ocean in 2018 by buying two RIAs, and more acquisitions may be coming.

Bracing For Turbulence In Fixed Income


Fed activity and trade tensions are big wild cards this year.

Building Fortifications


Financial advisors are telling their retiree clients how to prepare for the next downturn.

Waiting For The Shoe To Drop


Will the stars align for managed futures? The manager of the Altegris Futures Evolution Strategy Fund thinks so.

Don’t Shun This Tax Election

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Critics have beaten up this election for employee stock options, but it might help some.

To Counsel Clients Correctly, Avoid Partisanship


Politics are persistently skewing Americans’ views of the economic outlook.

Advisor Emporium

MLG Capital Introduces Private And Parallel Funds For Retirement Investment


Investment managers and their clients, wary about investing their IRA or 401(k) retirement funds.

Editor's Note

Bogle Leaves Investing A Better World


In any business, there are people who are innovators and a few who even qualify as visionaries.

Frontline News

Advisor’s Advice To Advisors: We Can Make The World A Better Place


Matthew Ramer believes advisors can play a big role in improving their local communities.

Last-Minute Tax Moves For Wealthy Clients


April 15 will be here before you know it.

Advisors Are Underutilizing Financial Technology


Advisors overwhelmingly say they need to do more with the technologies at their disposal, Cerulli says.

Sheryl Garrett Steps Down From Her RIA


Garrett Planning Network will continue under her leadership.