July 2019

2019 RIA Survey & Ranking: Swimming With The Sharks


After coming through a choppy 2018 with flying colors, the RIA industry is becoming a fast-consolidating food chain.

How Deglobalization, Trade Could Slash Equity Multiples


Multinational companies have been among globalization's biggest beneficiaries.

The Sustainable Value Proposition


Think about your clients, not their assets.

Three Common Obstacles to Cultivating Centers of Influence

by ,

Working with allied professionals requires overcoming three primary obstacles.

Thirsty For Diversification? Consider Wine


The potential market for wine could make it a worthwhile investment for diversifying a wealthy client’s portfolio.

Cultivating Foreign Clients


Advisors are helping wealthy families who live and work in different countries meet planning challenges.

Planning For Diminished Capacity


A collaborative team approach can be a powerful support system for clients experiencing cognitive decline.

A Critical Choice


CRM software provides the backbone for client interactions.

Should You Use Social Media To Reach Clients?


A thoughtful strategy can complement in-person contact.

To Catch a Rising Star


Robert Persons looks for bonds that ratings agencies underestimate.

Surviving Disruption


Advisors who embrace technology and a fiduciary standard will prosper more than those who fight against them.

Advisor Emporium

RoboWholesaler Offers Online Access To Top 10 Fund Fact Sheets


The RoboWholesaler platform makes it easy for financial advisors to review fund performance rankings and receive up-to-date fund fact sheets for top-performing funds in just three clicks.

Editor's Note

RIA Consolidation In Next Decade


Rarely a Monday goes by when our editorial staff doesn’t receive several announcements of mergers and acquisitions in the RIA universe.

Frontline News

RIA Valuations: Perception Vs. Reality


Many RIAs have an inflated perception of their firm's value.

Lower Fund Fees Not Necessarily A Free Ride For Investors


Fees are falling, but it’s not always a zero-sum win for investors.

Veteran Advisors Give Advice To Their Younger Selves


What things would you do differently if you could re-enter this profession as a newbie?