September 2020

The College Quandary Today


Covid-19 shone a light on an existing college crisis, and it's likely that the value of higher education will never be seen the same way.

Adapt Or Be Left Behind After Covid


Six trends advisors need to pay attention to.

Pigeonholes Of Perspective—Can We Talk?


In conversation, it is best to walk in someone’s shoes before you talk about his views.

Amazing Success As A Wealth Manager


If you’re not successful, it might be because you’re holding yourself back in critical ways.

Office Scenes From The Coronacrash


The pandemic has given us serious practice management problems to work out.

Continental Europe As Recovery Value Play


Many investors are overlooking Europe’s strengths in the post-Covid world.

Anxiety Rising


Retirement is here for many clients—and it has bills to pay.

Why The All-Virtual World Won’t Work


We’ve lost a lot in dealing with clients through Zoom.

A Neglected Estate Plan


A client family was facing a huge tax bite because of estate planning problems. Ivan Hernandez stepped in.

Lush Times For Convertibles


The pandemic has boosted the issuance of convertible bonds.

John Rogers Takes A Bird’s-Eye View


Ariel Investments has stuck to its guns in small and mid-cap stocks in hazardous times.

It’s A ‘New Era’ For Retirement Planning


Advisors can’t afford to ignore the long-term impacts of the SECURE Act, says Carson’s Jamie Hopkins.

Annuity Sales Slump During Pandemic


The pandemic has annuities in a tizzy, too.

Retirement Planning Graveyard


Many people think retirement is a place where their dreams go to die. That’s wrong.

America’s Dual Recession

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Two different economies will emerge, one less fair, unless policy makers take action.

The Materiality Of The ‘S’ In ESG


There are several factors that may have led institutional investors to de-emphasize social issues in their research.

Advisor Emporium

GradGuard Adds Covid-19 Coverage To College Housing And Tuition Insurance


GradGuard Adds Covid-19 Coverage To College Housing And Tuition Insurance GradGuard, an e-commerce platform offering insurance products specifically designed for the collegiate market, has...

Editor's Note

Upheaval In Education


College was supposed to be a time when young adults form a long-term perspective on what they want to do in life. Today, they are trying to figure out what to do next month.

Frontline News

Financial Advisors Have Avoided Staff Cuts During Pandemic


A survey revealed that layoffs in the industry were near non-existent and firms continue to hire.

Most Clients Don’t Like Zoom Meetings With Advisors


Millennials are the most likely to video chat with financial advisors, according to a recent survey.

Advisors Can Help Close Racial Wealth Gap


Helping minorities achieve financial success is a business opportunity for advisors, a panel of experts said.

CFAs Concerned About Fed’s Aggressive Approach To Stimulus


A survey of analysts found deep concerns about the size and oversight of government Covid stimulus.