March 2021

Are You Ready For A.I.?


Artificial intelligence has arrived in the wealth management space.

Dividends For The Long Run


Investors seek income-producing assets in a distorted world.

The Hands Of Time


A family watches the clock for a reunion.

21% Revenue Increase In 2021

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By helping others, you help yourself.

She Saved My Life


When your clients are older and wiser, their priorities get reshuffled.

The Pandemic’s Heavy Toll On Women


The Covid crisis has piled on new challenges for many women already behind in their retirement savings.

How An Advisor’s Podcast Is Heard In 38 Countries


Miguel Gomez has gathered a wide following that includes people in some unlikely places.

Cutting Down A Lawyer’s Tax Burden


Lawyers can get their contingency fees deferred under an IRS rule. This advisor helped his client do it.

More Mistakes Of Retirees


Here are three things you might want to avoid after you've left work.

The Reddit-GameStop Frenzy


Was it a populist revolt or a pump and dump?

This Small-Cap Fund Is Performing Big


The Buffalo Small Cap Fund has been stampeding with impressive results.

Playing Not To Lose Vs. Playing To Win


Ask your clients the questions your competitors are afraid to ask.

Generating Retirement Income With Annuities?


Amid low interest rates and volatile stock movements, what role do annuities play in retirement income?

Dealing With Tough Retirement Planning Questions


Some tough client questions might not come up, but you must be ready for them.

Biden Has A Once-In-A-Century Chance To Fix Capitalism


The U.S. needs to reclaim the kind of economy that existed before Wall Street was the only thing that mattered.

Advisor Emporium

LPL Launches M&A Solutions For Advisors


LPL Financial, the nation’s largest independent broker-dealer, has unveiled an enhanced suite of services to help advisors sell or acquire practices.

Editor's Note

Light And Hope


After a long, wretched year that few of us could have imagined, light at the end of the tunnel is visible...

Frontline News

‘Reg BI’? Instead, How Does ‘New Suitability’ Sound?


Critics want the SEC to ensure retail investors understand when they are not working with fiduciaries.

Working Longer Might Not Be The Retirement Cure-All


Working longer and delaying when to claim Social Security benefits isn’t the best strategy for everyone.

CPA Creates Program For Advisors’ Social Security Savvy


A new online program teaches advisors how to find the ideal Social Security strategy for each client’s situation.

Long-Term Bonds Are For The Birds, Says Hedge Fund Manager


Billionaire Paul Singer says 1970s-style inflation can happen again.

Americans Think Harder About Personal Finances During Covid


Americans are giving more thought to their savings and how to use them.