Real Estate/REITs

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Bailout Plan Spells Trouble For Future Mortgages

by Milton Ezrati

Long-term legal and liquidity risks will be the result.

Trading Spaces?


After a seven-year run-up, the hot REIT market has finally cooled off this year. Does it present a buying opportunity?

Making Sense Of Chaos

by Mary Rowland

The mortgage meltdown has showed the uglier side of investing in dicey loans.

Capitalizing on Boomers' Next Big Move

by Tracey Longo

Turn a blind eye to retiring clients' penchant for their next new home-and it's an opportunity lost.

A Real (Estate) Mess


in the wake of the subprime debacle, investors rethink the ways they are investing in real estate.

Saying Good-Bye To Your Property

by Gail Liberman

More clients turn to real estate auctions to offload homes and property they can't sell.

Confusion, Reign O'er Me

by Eric L. Reiner

Despite rising interest rates, many equity markets are setting new records.


The Next Five Years Expect to see large-scale financial advisory firms with several billion in assets under management dotting the landscapes of most...

IRAs That Are Outside The Box

by Marla Brill

Self-directed IRAs allow clients to decide where they want their IRA money to play. But watch out for sand traps.

Housing Sings The Blues

by Eric L. Reiner

Real estate woes bring both worry and opportunity to the financial sector.

Real Estate Matchmaking

by Alan Lavine

The REIT market is being propelled by consolidation.

Hedging Real Estate

by Gail Liberman

The derivatives are here; are they the answer?

When Did REITs Become An Asset Class?

by Joshua M. Kaplan

Behold the little industry group that roared-at least for a while.

Gaining Ground

Tenant-in-common deals exceed private REITs.

Have Your REITs Peaked Yet?

by Bruce W. Fraser

Wave of privatizations suggests market still has legs.

Cooling Off

by Gail Liberman

Rising interest rates and hurricanes may have caused Florida's real estate market to peak.

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