Directed by

Tom Kostigen

Thomas Kostigen
Private Wealth

Opportunity Knocks

Find out why impact investing is attracting attention, assets, and is opening up a huge channel of new business for the financial services industry.

Leaders from the impact investing industry will share their success stories and explain how seeking alpha doesn't necessarily have to come at the expense of social and environmental impact.

From portfolio analysis to powerful stories of social change, Impact Boston is an event that will challenge you to think, collaborate, and better plan a future for your business-and us all.

You'll be given the tools to attract and retain assets-as well as appeal to millennial investors with a new investment approach.

Impact investing programs are expected to skyrocket and reach $1 trillion of assets under management in the coming years.

Attend. Learn. Participate. Profit.

September 2014 Sponsors and Exhibitors

AEF Calvert Foundation
Impact Economy Morgan Stanley
Parnassus Tri Linc Global

Water Asset Management

Watershed Capital Group



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