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The very wealthy ($30 million or more) are strongly gravitating to the single and multi-family office model. It’s proving to be one of the most effective ways of sourcing and working with the very wealthy. Concurrently, the structures and dynamics of the single and multi-family office are quickly and, in some ways, dramatically, evolving.

For advisors who want to be able to offer a suite of financial and related services as well as select value-added services, understanding the best practices in the field is essential. At the same time, for professionals such as attorneys and accountants, knowing how to work with single and multi-family offices can produce a steady stream of new, very high-net-worth clients.

Over two days this conference will provide state-of-the-art insights and perspectives on the single and multi-family office business. Moreover, best practices will be explicitly addressed in the smaller interactive sessions.

Who Is the Conference Designed For?
The conference is designed for professionals – financial advisors, insurance agents, attorneys, accountants – interested in being as effective as possible in sourcing and working with the very wealthy. Because of the level of wealth of the prospective single and multi-family office clients and the subject matter that will be discussed, the conference is not intended for professionals new to the business, but for experienced professionals who want to create a high-end, highly profitable and personally rewarding business.

How You Will Benefit?
To excel in cultivating and working with the very wealthy, you need to be aware of the various expertise they require. This also means you have to be able to deliver the requisite expertise directly or through a network of specialists you form and manage. The conference will give you an in-depth and broad framework for delivering a set of family office services  - wealth management, support and lifestyle services – that make sense for your practice.

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